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Succinct and Correct Statistical Summaries for Reports

add_ROC_derived_columnsAdd ROC derived columns.
Bernoulli_diff_statCompute the distribution of differences of replacement...
build_ROC_curvecalculate ROC curve.
calcAUCcalculate AUC.
calcDevianceCalculate deviance.
calcSSECalculate sum of squared error.
check_utility_calcCheck a few things we expect to be true for the utility...
estimateDifferenceZeroCrossingStudentized estimate of how often a difference is below zero.
find_area_qFind area matching polynomial curve.
find_AUC_qFind area matching polynomial curve.
find_matching_a1_1bFind beta-1 shape parameters matching the conditional...
find_matching_conditional_betasFind beta shape parameters matching the conditional...
fit_beta_shapesFit beta parameters from data.
getRenderingFormatDetect rendering format (using knitr).
model_utilityEstimate model utility
permTestAUCPerform AUC permutation test.
permutationScoreModelEmpirical permutation test of significance of...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renderFormat summary roughly in "APA Style" ( American...
render.sigr_aucpairtestFormat an AUC-test (quality of a probability score)
render.sigr_aucpermtestFormat an AUC-test (quality of a probability score)
render.sigr_aucresamptestFormat an AUC-test (quality of a probability score)
render.sigr_Bernoulli_diff_testFormat sigr_Bernoulli_diff_test (test of difference of...
render.sigr_binomtestFormat binom.test (test of rate of a Binomial/Bernoulli...
render.sigr_chisqtestFormat a chi-square test (quality of categorical prediction)
render.sigr_cohendFormat Cohen-D (effect size between groups)
render.sigr_cortestFormat cor.test (test of liner correlation).
render.sigr_emptestFormat an empirical test (quality of categorical prediction)
render.sigr_fishertestFormat fisher.test (test of categorical independence).
render.sigr_ftestFormat an F-test
render.sigr_permtestFormat an empirical test (quality of categorical prediction)
render.sigr_pwr_htestFormat a pwr-test
render.sigr_significanceFormat a significance
render.sigr_tintervalFormat a Student-T tolerance-style interval around an...
render.sigr_ttestFormat a T-test (difference in means by group)
resampleScoreModelStudentized bootstrap variance estimate for...
resampleScoreModelPairStudentized bootstrap test of strength of...
resampleTestAUCWrap AUC resampling test results.
sensitivity_and_specificity_s12p12nCompute the shape1_pos, shape2_pos, shape1_neg, shape2_neg...
sensitivity_from_specificity_qCompute the q-graph.
sigrsigr: Format Significance Summaries for Reports
testAUCpairTest AUC pair results.
TIntervalWrap TInterval (test of Binomial/Bernoulli rate). tolerance-style interval around an estimate of a...
TInterval.numericStudent-T tolerance-style interval around an estimate of a...
TIntervalSStudent-T tolerance-style interval around an estimate of a...
wrapBinomTestWrap binom.test (test of Binomial/Bernoulli rate). binom.test (test of Binomial/Bernoulli rate).
wrapBinomTest.htestWrap binom.test (test of Binomial/Bernoulli rate).
wrapBinomTest.logicalWrap binom.test (test of Binomial/Bernoulli rate).
wrapBinomTest.numericWrap binom.test (test of Binomial/Bernoulli rate).
wrapBinomTestSWrap binom.test (test of Binomial/Bernoulli rate) from...
wrapChiSqTestWrap quality of a categorical prediction roughly in "APA...
wrapChiSqTest.anovaFormat ChiSqTest from anova of logistic model. ChiSqTest from data.
wrapChiSqTest.glmFormat ChiSqTest from model.
wrapChiSqTestImplFormat quality of a logistic regression roughly in "APA...
wrapChiSqTest.summary.glmFormat ChiSqTest from model summary.
wrapCohenDWrap Cohen's D (effect size between groups). Cohen's D (effect size between groups).
wrapCohenD.numericWrap Cohen's D (effect size between groups).
wrapCorTestWrap cor.test (test of liner correlation). cor.test (test of liner correlation).
wrapCorTest.htestWrap cor.test (test of liner correlation).
wrapFisherTestWrap fisher.test (test of categorical independence). fisher.test (test of categorical independence).
wrapFisherTest.htestWrap fisher.test (test of categorical independence).
wrapFisherTest.tableWrap fisher.test (test of categorical independence).
wrapFTestWrap F-test (significance identity relation).
wrapFTest.anovaWrap quality statistic of a linear relation from anova. quality statistic of identity relation from data.
wrapFTestezANOVAWrap quality statistic of a linear relation from ezANOVA...
wrapFTest.htestWrap F-test (ratio of variances).
wrapFTestImplWrap F-test (significance of identity relation).
wrapFTest.lmWrap quality statistic of identity r regression.
wrapFTest.summary.lmWrap quality statistic of linear regression summary.
wrapPWRWrap pwr test (difference in means by group).
wrapPWR.power.htestWrap pwr test.
wrapSignificanceWrap a significance
wrapTTestWrap t.test (difference in means by group). t.test (difference in means by group).
wrapTTest.htestWrap t.test (difference in means by group).
wrapTTest.numericWrap t.test (difference in means by group).
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