Man pages for simEd
Simulation Education

crapsMonte Carlo Simulation of the Dice Game "Craps"
galileoMonte Carlo Simulation of Galileo's Dice
ibinomRandom Variate Generation for the Binomial Distribution
iexpRandom Variate Generation for the Exponential Distribution
igammaRandom Variate Generation for the Gamma Distribution
igeomRandom Variate Generation for the Geometric Distribution
inormRandom Variate Generation for the Normal Distribution
iunifRandom Variate Generation for the Uniform Distribution
iweibullRandom Variate Generation for the Weibull Distribution
meanTPSMean of Time-Persistent Statistics (TPS)
msqMultiple-Server Queue Simulation
quantileTPSSample Quantiles of Time-Persistent Statistics (TPS)
queueTraceTrace Data for Single-Server Queue Simulation
sampleRandom Samples
sdTPSStandard Deviation of Time-Persistent Statistics (TPS)
set.seedSeeding Random Variate Generators
simEd-packageSimulation Education
ssqSingle-Server Queue Simulation
tylersGrillArrival and Service Data for Tyler's Grill (University of...
vbinomVariate Generator for the Binomial Distribution
vexpVariate Generator for the Exponential Distribution
vgammaVariate Generator for the Gamma Distribution
vgeomVariate Generator for the Geometric Distribution
vnormVariate Generator for the Normal Distribution
vunifVariate Generator for the Uniform Distribution
vweibullVariate Generator for the Weibull Distribution
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