simFrame: Simulation framework

A general framework for statistical simulation.

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AuthorAndreas Alfons [aut, cre]
Date of publication2014-03-03 10:43:34
MaintainerAndreas Alfons <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

accessors: Accessor and mutator functions for objects

aggregate-methods: Method for aggregating simulation results

BasicVector-class: Class "BasicVector"

clusterRunSimulation: Run a simulation experiment on a cluster

clusterSetup: Set up multiple samples on a cluster

contaminate: Contaminate data

ContControl: Create contamination control objects

ContControl-class: Class "ContControl"

DARContControl-class: Class "DARContControl"

DataControl-class: Class "DataControl"

DCARContControl-class: Class "DCARContControl"

draw: Draw a sample

eusilcP: Synthetic EU-SILC data

generate: Generate data

head-methods: Methods for returning the first parts of an object

inclusionProb: Inclusion probabilities

length-methods: Methods for getting the length of an object

NAControl-class: Class "NAControl"

NumericMatrix-class: Class "NumericMatrix"

OptBasicVector-class: Class "OptBasicVector"

OptCall-class: Class "OptCall"

OptCharacter-class: Class "OptCharacter"

OptContControl-class: Class "OptContControl"

OptDataControl-class: Class "OptDataControl"

OptNAControl-class: Class "OptNAControl"

OptNumeric-class: Class "OptNumeric"

OptSampleControl-class: Class "OptSampleControl"

plot-methods: Plot simulation results

runSimulation: Run a simulation experiment

SampleControl-class: Class "SampleControl"

SampleSetup-class: Class "SampleSetup"

sampling: Random sampling

setNA: Set missing values

setup: Set up multiple samples

simApply: Apply a function to subsets

simBwplot: Box-and-whisker plots

SimControl-class: Class "SimControl"

simDensityplot: Kernel density plots

simFrame-package: Simulation framework

SimResults-class: Class "SimResults"

simSample: Set up multiple samples

simXyplot: X-Y plots

Strata-class: Class "Strata"

stratify: Stratify data

stratify-utilities: Utility functions for stratifying data

summary-methods: Methods for producing a summary of an object

SummarySampleSetup-class: Class "SummarySampleSetup"

tail-methods: Methods for returning the last parts of an object

TwoStageControl-class: Class "TwoStageControl"

VirtualContControl-class: Class "VirtualContControl"

VirtualDataControl-class: Class "VirtualDataControl"

VirtualNAControl-class: Class "VirtualNAControl"

VirtualSampleControl-class: Class "VirtualSampleControl"


aggregate-methods Man page
aggregate,SimResults-method Man page
basicvector-class Man page
basicVector-class Man page
Basicvector-class Man page
BasicVector-class Man page
brewer Man page
clusterrunsimulation Man page
clusterrunSimulation Man page
clusterRunsimulation Man page
clusterRunSimulation Man page
Clusterrunsimulation Man page
ClusterrunSimulation Man page
ClusterRunsimulation Man page
ClusterRunSimulation Man page
clusterRunSimulation,ANY,ANY,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
clusterRunSimulation,ANY,data.frame,missing,numeric,SimControl-m Man page
clusterRunSimulation,ANY,data.frame,SampleSetup,missing,SimContr Man page
clusterRunSimulation,ANY,data.frame,VirtualSampleControl,missing Man page
clusterRunSimulation,ANY,VirtualDataControl,missing,numeric,SimC Man page
clusterRunSimulation,ANY,VirtualDataControl,VirtualSampleControl Man page
clusterRunSimulation-methods Man page
clustersetup Man page
clusterSetup Man page
Clustersetup Man page
ClusterSetup Man page
clusterSetup,ANY,data.frame,character-method Man page
clusterSetup,ANY,data.frame,missing-method Man page
clusterSetup,ANY,data.frame,SampleControl-method Man page
clusterSetup,ANY,data.frame,TwoStageControl-method Man page
clusterSetup-methods Man page
contaminate Man page
contaminate,data.frame,character-method Man page
contaminate,data.frame,ContControl-method Man page
contaminate,data.frame,missing-method Man page
contaminate-methods Man page
contcontrol Man page
contControl Man page
Contcontrol Man page
ContControl Man page
contcontrol-class Man page
contControl-class Man page
Contcontrol-class Man page
ContControl-class Man page
darcontcontrol Man page
darcontControl Man page
darContcontrol Man page
DARcontcontrol Man page
DARcontControl Man page
DARContcontrol Man page
DARContControl Man page
darcontcontrol-class Man page
darcontControl-class Man page
darContcontrol-class Man page
DARcontcontrol-class Man page
DARcontControl-class Man page
DARContcontrol-class Man page
DARContControl-class Man page
datacontrol Man page
dataControl Man page
Datacontrol Man page
DataControl Man page
datacontrol-class Man page
dataControl-class Man page
Datacontrol-class Man page
DataControl-class Man page
dcarcontcontrol Man page
dcarcontControl Man page
dcarContcontrol Man page
DCARcontcontrol Man page
DCARcontControl Man page
DCARContcontrol Man page
DCARContControl Man page
dcarcontcontrol-class Man page
dcarcontControl-class Man page
dcarContcontrol-class Man page
DCARcontcontrol-class Man page
DCARcontControl-class Man page
DCARContcontrol-class Man page
DCARContControl-class Man page
draw Man page
draw,data.frame,character-method Man page
draw,data.frame,missing-method Man page
draw,data.frame,SampleSetup-method Man page
draw,data.frame,VirtualSampleControl-method Man page
draw-methods Man page
eusilcp Man page
eusilcP Man page
generate Man page
generate,character-method Man page
generate,DataControl-method Man page
generate-methods Man page
generate,missing-method Man page
getAdd Man page
getAdd-methods Man page
getAdd,SimResults-method Man page
getAux Man page
getAux,ContControl-method Man page
getAux-methods Man page
getAux,NAControl-method Man page
getCall Man page
getCall-methods Man page
getCall,SampleSetup-method Man page
getCall,SimResults-method Man page
getCall,Strata-method Man page
getCollect Man page
getCollect-methods Man page
getCollect,SampleControl-method Man page
getCollect,SampleSetup-method Man page
getColnames Man page
getColnames,DataControl-method Man page
getColnames-methods Man page
getColnames,SimResults-method Man page
getContControl Man page
getContControl-methods Man page
getContControl,SimControl-method Man page
getControl Man page
getControl-methods Man page
getControl,SampleSetup-method Man page
getControl,SimResults-method Man page
getDataControl Man page
getDataControl-methods Man page
getDataControl,SimResults-method Man page
getDesign Man page
getDesign-methods Man page
getDesign,SampleControl-method Man page
getDesign,SampleSetup-method Man page
getDesign,SimControl-method Man page
getDesign,SimResults-method Man page
getDesign,Strata-method Man page
getDesign,TwoStageControl-method Man page
getDistribution Man page
getDistribution,DataControl-method Man page
getDistribution,DCARContControl-method Man page
getDistribution-methods Man page
getDots Man page
getDots,DARContControl-method Man page
getDots,DataControl-method Man page
getDots,DCARContControl-method Man page
getDots-methods Man page
getDots,SampleControl-method Man page
getDots,SimControl-method Man page
getDots,TwoStageControl-method Man page
getEpsilon Man page
getEpsilon-methods Man page
getEpsilon,SimResults-method Man page
getEpsilon,VirtualContControl-method Man page
getFun Man page
getFun,DARContControl-method Man page
getFun-methods Man page
getFun,SampleControl-method Man page
getFun,SampleSetup-method Man page
getFun,SimControl-method Man page
getFun,TwoStageControl-method Man page
getGrouping Man page
getGrouping,ContControl-method Man page
getGrouping-methods Man page
getGrouping,NAControl-method Man page
getGrouping,SampleControl-method Man page
getGrouping,SampleSetup-method Man page
getGrouping,TwoStageControl-method Man page
getIndices Man page
getIndices-methods Man page
getIndices,SampleSetup-method Man page
getIntoContamination Man page
getIntoContamination-methods Man page
getIntoContamination,NAControl-method Man page
getK Man page
getK-methods Man page
getK,VirtualSampleControl-method Man page
getLegend Man page
getLegend-methods Man page
getLegend,Strata-method Man page
getNAControl Man page
getNAControl-methods Man page
getNAControl,SimControl-method Man page
getNArate Man page
getNArate-methods Man page
getNArate,SimResults-method Man page
getNArate,VirtualNAControl-method Man page
getNr Man page
getNrep Man page
getNrep-methods Man page
getNrep,SimResults-method Man page
getNr-methods Man page
getNr,Strata-method Man page
getProb Man page
getProb-methods Man page
getProb,SampleControl-method Man page
getProb,SampleSetup-method Man page
getProb,TwoStageControl-method Man page
getSAE Man page
getSAE-methods Man page
getSAE,SimControl-method Man page
getSampleControl Man page
getSampleControl-methods Man page
getSampleControl,SimResults-method Man page
getSeed Man page
getSeed-methods Man page
getSeed,SampleSetup-method Man page
getSeed,SimResults-method Man page
getSize Man page
getSize,DataControl-method Man page
getSize-methods Man page
getSize,SampleControl-method Man page
getSize,Strata-method Man page
getSize,SummarySampleSetup-method Man page
getSize,TwoStageControl-method Man page
getSplit Man page
getSplit-methods Man page
getSplit,Strata-method Man page
getStrataLegend Man page
getStrataLegend,data.frame,BasicVector-method Man page
getStrataLegend-methods Man page
getStrataSplit Man page
getStrataSplit,data.frame,BasicVector-method Man page
getStrataSplit-methods Man page
getStrataTable Man page
getStrataTable,data.frame,BasicVector-method Man page
getStrataTable-methods Man page
getStratumSizes Man page
getStratumSizes,data.frame,BasicVector-method Man page
getStratumSizes,list,missing-method Man page
getStratumSizes-methods Man page
getStratumValues Man page
getStratumValues,data.frame,BasicVector,list-method Man page
getStratumValues,data.frame,BasicVector,missing-method Man page
getStratumValues-methods Man page
getTarget Man page
getTarget-methods Man page
getTarget,VirtualContControl-method Man page
getTarget,VirtualNAControl-method Man page
getValues Man page
getValues-methods Man page
getValues,SimResults-method Man page
getValues,Strata-method Man page
head-methods Man page
head,SampleSetup-method Man page
head,SimControl-method Man page
head,SimResults-method Man page
head,Strata-method Man page
head,VirtualContControl-method Man page
head,VirtualDataControl-method Man page
head,VirtualNAControl-method Man page
head,VirtualSampleControl-method Man page
inclusionprob Man page
inclusionProb Man page
InclusionProb Man page
length-methods Man page
length,SampleSetup-method Man page
length,VirtualContControl-method Man page
length,VirtualNAControl-method Man page
length,VirtualSampleControl-method Man page
midzuno Man page
nacontrol Man page
naControl Man page
NAcontrol Man page
NAControl Man page
nacontrol-class Man page
naControl-class Man page
NAcontrol-class Man page
NAControl-class Man page
numericmatrix-class Man page
numericMatrix-class Man page
Numericmatrix-class Man page
NumericMatrix-class Man page
optbasicvector-class Man page
optbasicVector-class Man page
optBasicvector-class Man page
optBasicVector-class Man page
OptbasicVector-class Man page
OptBasicvector-class Man page
OptBasicVector-class Man page
optcall-class Man page
optCall-class Man page
Optcall-class Man page
OptCall-class Man page
optcharacter-class Man page
optCharacter-class Man page
Optcharacter-class Man page
OptCharacter-class Man page
optcontcontrol-class Man page
optcontControl-class Man page
optContcontrol-class Man page
optContControl-class Man page
Optcontcontrol-class Man page
OptcontControl-class Man page
OptContcontrol-class Man page
OptContControl-class Man page
optdatacontrol-class Man page
optdataControl-class Man page
optDatacontrol-class Man page
optDataControl-class Man page
Optdatacontrol-class Man page
OptdataControl-class Man page
OptDatacontrol-class Man page
OptDataControl-class Man page
optnacontrol-class Man page
optnaControl-class Man page
optNAcontrol-class Man page
optNAControl-class Man page
Optnacontrol-class Man page
OptnaControl-class Man page
OptNAcontrol-class Man page
OptNAControl-class Man page
optnumeric-class Man page
optNumeric-class Man page
Optnumeric-class Man page
OptNumeric-class Man page
optsamplecontrol-class Man page
optsampleControl-class Man page
optSamplecontrol-class Man page
optSampleControl-class Man page
Optsamplecontrol-class Man page
OptsampleControl-class Man page
OptSamplecontrol-class Man page
OptSampleControl-class Man page
Optsbasicvector-class Man page
plot-methods Man page
plot,SimResults,missing-method Man page
runSim Man page
runsimulation Man page
runSimulation Man page
Runsimulation Man page
RunSimulation Man page
runSimulation,ANY,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
runSimulation,data.frame,missing,missing,SimControl-method Man page
runSimulation,data.frame,missing,numeric,SimControl-method Man page
runSimulation,data.frame,SampleSetup,missing,SimControl-method Man page
runSimulation,data.frame,VirtualSampleControl,missing,SimControl Man page
runsimulation-methods Man page
runSimulation-methods Man page
Runsimulation-methods Man page
RunSimulation-methods Man page
runSimulation,VirtualDataControl,missing,missing,SimControl-meth Man page
runSimulation,VirtualDataControl,missing,numeric,SimControl-meth Man page
runSimulation,VirtualDataControl,VirtualSampleControl,missing,Si Man page
runSimulation,VirtualDataControl,VirtualSampleControl,numeric,Si Man page
samplecontrol Man page
sampleControl Man page
Samplecontrol Man page
SampleControl Man page
samplecontrol-class Man page
sampleControl-class Man page
Samplecontrol-class Man page
SampleControl-class Man page
samplesetup Man page
sampleSetup Man page
Samplesetup Man page
SampleSetup Man page
samplesetup-class Man page
sampleSetup-class Man page
Samplesetup-class Man page
SampleSetup-class Man page
setAux Man page
setAux,ContControl-method Man page
setAux-methods Man page
setAux,NAControl-method Man page
setCollect Man page
setCollect-methods Man page
setCollect,SampleControl-method Man page
setColnames Man page
setColnames,DataControl-method Man page
setColnames-methods Man page
setContControl Man page
setContControl-methods Man page
setContControl,SimControl-method Man page
setDesign Man page
setDesign-methods Man page
setDesign,SampleControl-method Man page
setDesign,SimControl-method Man page
setDesign,TwoStageControl-method Man page
setDistribution Man page
setDistribution,DataControl-method Man page
setDistribution,DCARContControl-method Man page
setDistribution-methods Man page
setDots Man page
setDots,DARContControl-method Man page
setDots,DataControl-method Man page
setDots,DCARContControl-method Man page
setDots-methods Man page
setDots,SampleControl-method Man page
setDots,SimControl-method Man page
setDots,TwoStageControl-method Man page
setEpsilon Man page
setEpsilon-methods Man page
setEpsilon,VirtualContControl-method Man page
setFun Man page
setFun,DARContControl-method Man page
setFun-methods Man page
setFun,SampleControl-method Man page
setFun,SimControl-method Man page
setFun,TwoStageControl-method Man page
setGrouping Man page
setGrouping,ContControl-method Man page
setGrouping-methods Man page
setGrouping,NAControl-method Man page
setGrouping,SampleControl-method Man page
setGrouping,TwoStageControl-method Man page
setIntoContamination Man page
setIntoContamination-methods Man page
setIntoContamination,NAControl-method Man page
setK Man page
setK-methods Man page
setK,VirtualSampleControl-method Man page
setna Man page
setNA Man page
Setna Man page
SetNA Man page
setNAControl Man page
setNAControl-methods Man page
setNAControl,SimControl-method Man page
setNA,data.frame,character-method Man page
setNA,data.frame,missing-method Man page
setNA,data.frame,NAControl-method Man page
setna-methods Man page
setNA-methods Man page
Setna-methods Man page
SetNA-methods Man page
setNArate Man page
setNArate-methods Man page
setNArate,VirtualNAControl-method Man page
setProb Man page
setProb-methods Man page
setProb,SampleControl-method Man page
setProb,TwoStageControl-method Man page
setSAE Man page
setSAE-methods Man page
setSAE,SimControl-method Man page
setSize Man page
setSize,DataControl-method Man page
setSize-methods Man page
setSize,SampleControl-method Man page
setSize,TwoStageControl-method Man page
setTarget Man page
setTarget-methods Man page
setTarget,VirtualContControl-method Man page
setTarget,VirtualNAControl-method Man page
setup Man page
setup,data.frame,character-method Man page
setup,data.frame,missing-method Man page
setup,data.frame,SampleControl-method Man page
setup,data.frame,TwoStageControl-method Man page
setup-methods Man page
show,ContControl-method Man page
show,DataControl-method Man page
show,NAControl-method Man page
show,SampleControl-method Man page
show,SampleSetup-method Man page
show,SimControl-method Man page
show,SimResults-method Man page
show,Strata-method Man page
show,SummarySampleSetup-method Man page
show,TwoStageControl-method Man page
show,VirtualContControl-method Man page
show,VirtualNAControl-method Man page
show,VirtualSampleControl-method Man page
simapply Man page
simApply Man page
Simapply Man page
SimApply Man page
simApply,data.frame,BasicVector,function-method Man page
simApply,data.frame,Strata,function-method Man page
simapply-methods Man page
simApply-methods Man page
Simapply-methods Man page
SimApply-methods Man page
simbwplot Man page
simBwplot Man page
SimBwplot Man page
simbwplot-methods Man page
simBwplot-methods Man page
SimBwplot-methods Man page
simBwplot,SimResults-method Man page
simcontrol Man page
simControl Man page
Simcontrol Man page
SimControl Man page
simcontrol-class Man page
simControl-class Man page
Simcontrol-class Man page
SimControl-class Man page
simdensityplot Man page
simDensityplot Man page
Simdensityplot Man page
SimDensityplot Man page
simdensityplot-methods Man page
simDensityplot-methods Man page
Simdensityplot-methods Man page
SimDensityplot-methods Man page
simDensityplot,SimResults-method Man page
simframe Man page
simFrame Man page
Simframe Man page
SimFrame Man page
simframe-package Man page
simFrame-package Man page
Simframe-package Man page
SimFrame-package Man page
simresults Man page
simResults Man page
Simresults Man page
SimResults Man page
simresults-class Man page
simResults-class Man page
Simresults-class Man page
SimResults-class Man page
simsample Man page
simSample Man page
Simsample Man page
SimSample Man page
simsapply Man page
simSapply Man page
Simsapply Man page
SimSapply Man page
simSapply,data.frame,BasicVector,function-method Man page
simSapply,data.frame,Strata,function-method Man page
simsapply-methods Man page
simSapply-methods Man page
Simsapply-methods Man page
SimSapply-methods Man page
simxyplot Man page
simXyplot Man page
Simxyplot Man page
SimXyplot Man page
simxyplot-methods Man page
simXyplot-methods Man page
Simxyplot-methods Man page
SimXyplot-methods Man page
simXyplot,SimResults-method Man page
srs Man page
strata Man page
Strata Man page
strata-class Man page
Strata-class Man page
stratify Man page
stratify,data.frame,BasicVector-method Man page
stratify-methods Man page
summary-methods Man page
summarysamplesetup Man page
summarysampleSetup Man page
summarySamplesetup Man page
summarySampleSetup Man page
Summarysamplesetup Man page
SummarysampleSetup Man page
SummarySamplesetup Man page
SummarySampleSetup Man page
summarysamplesetup-class Man page
summarysampleSetup-class Man page
summarySamplesetup-class Man page
summarySampleSetup-class Man page
Summarysamplesetup-class Man page
SummarysampleSetup-class Man page
SummarySamplesetup-class Man page
SummarySampleSetup-class Man page
summary,SampleSetup-method Man page
summary,SimControl-method Man page
summary,SimResults-method Man page
summary,Strata-method Man page
summary,VirtualContControl-method Man page
summary,VirtualDataControl-method Man page
summary,VirtualNAControl-method Man page
summary,VirtualSampleControl-method Man page
tail-methods Man page
tail,SampleSetup-method Man page
tail,SimControl-method Man page
tail,SimResults-method Man page
tail,Strata-method Man page
tail,VirtualContControl-method Man page
tail,VirtualDataControl-method Man page
tail,VirtualNAControl-method Man page
tail,VirtualSampleControl-method Man page
tille Man page
twostagecontrol Man page
twostageControl Man page
twoStagecontrol Man page
twoStageControl Man page
Twostagecontrol Man page
TwostageControl Man page
TwoStagecontrol Man page
TwoStageControl Man page
twostagecontrol-class Man page
twostageControl-class Man page
twoStagecontrol-class Man page
twoStageControl-class Man page
Twostagecontrol-class Man page
TwostageControl-class Man page
TwoStagecontrol-class Man page
TwoStageControl-class Man page
ups Man page
virtualcontcontrol-class Man page
virtualcontControl-class Man page
virtualContcontrol-class Man page
virtualContControl-class Man page
Virtualcontcontrol-class Man page
VirtualcontControl-class Man page
VirtualContcontrol-class Man page
VirtualContControl-class Man page
virtualdatacontrol-class Man page
virtualdataControl-class Man page
virtualDatacontrol-class Man page
virtualDataControl-class Man page
Virtualdatacontrol-class Man page
VirtualdataControl-class Man page
VirtualDatacontrol-class Man page
VirtualDataControl-class Man page
virtualnacontrol-class Man page
virtualnaControl-class Man page
virtualNAcontrol-class Man page
virtualNAControl-class Man page
Virtualnacontrol-class Man page
VirtualnaControl-class Man page
VirtualNAcontrol-class Man page
VirtualNAControl-class Man page
virtualsamplecontrol-class Man page
virtualsampleControl-class Man page
virtualSamplecontrol-class Man page
virtualSampleControl-class Man page
Virtualsamplecontrol-class Man page
VirtualsampleControl-class Man page
VirtualSamplecontrol-class Man page
VirtualSampleControl-class Man page


demo/design-based.R demo/parallel.R demo/basic.R
R/runSimulation.R R/simBwplot.R R/utils.R R/head.R R/inclusionProb.R R/draw.R R/accessors.R R/stratify.R R/aggregate.R R/tail.R R/clusterSetup.R R/plot.R R/initialize.R R/show.R R/simSapply.R R/length.R R/setNA.R R/simApply.R R/sampling.R R/aaaGenerics.R R/aaaClasses.R R/setup.R R/cluster.R R/simXyplot.R R/generate.R R/summary.R R/contaminate.R R/simSample.R R/simDensityplot.R R/clusterRunSimulation.R
vignettes/snippets/MyContControl.R vignettes/snippets/MySampleControl.R vignettes/snippets/myPoisson.R vignettes/snippets/MyNAControl.R vignettes/snippets/myDataGeneration.R vignettes/snippets/MyDataControl.R
man/tail-methods.Rd man/summary-methods.Rd man/VirtualSampleControl-class.Rd man/SimControl-class.Rd man/contaminate.Rd man/OptContControl-class.Rd man/SimResults-class.Rd man/plot-methods.Rd man/simSample.Rd man/OptSampleControl-class.Rd man/SampleSetup-class.Rd man/OptNAControl-class.Rd man/ContControl.Rd man/OptCharacter-class.Rd man/inclusionProb.Rd man/length-methods.Rd man/simBwplot.Rd man/TwoStageControl-class.Rd man/SummarySampleSetup-class.Rd man/NumericMatrix-class.Rd man/OptCall-class.Rd man/simApply.Rd man/DCARContControl-class.Rd man/clusterRunSimulation.Rd man/VirtualDataControl-class.Rd man/draw.Rd man/ContControl-class.Rd man/Strata-class.Rd man/stratify.Rd man/SampleControl-class.Rd man/NAControl-class.Rd man/OptBasicVector-class.Rd man/clusterSetup.Rd man/VirtualContControl-class.Rd man/eusilcP.Rd man/simXyplot.Rd man/simFrame-package.Rd man/generate.Rd man/sampling.Rd man/DataControl-class.Rd man/head-methods.Rd man/setNA.Rd man/OptDataControl-class.Rd man/simDensityplot.Rd man/BasicVector-class.Rd man/DARContControl-class.Rd man/VirtualNAControl-class.Rd man/runSimulation.Rd man/aggregate-methods.Rd man/setup.Rd man/stratify-utilities.Rd man/OptNumeric-class.Rd man/accessors.Rd

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