Man pages for simcausal
Simulating Longitudinal Data with Causal Inference Applications

ASubsetting/Indexing Actions Defined for 'DAG' Object
add.actionDefine and Add Actions (Interventions)
add.nodesAdding Node(s) to DAG
DAG.emptyInitialize an empty DAG object
Define_sVarClass for defining and evaluating user-specified summary... Data from Wide to Long Format Using 'reshape' Conversion of Data from Wide to Long Format Using...
distr.listList All Custom Distribution Functions in 'simcausal'.
doLTCFMissing Variable Imputation with Last Time Point Value...
eval.targetEvaluate the True Value of the Causal Target Parameter igraph Network Object into Sparse Adjacency Matrix
NSubsetting/Indexing 'DAG' Nodes
NetIndClassR6 class for creating and storing a friend matrix (network... Network IDs Matrix into Sparse Adjacency Matrix
net.listList All Custom Network Generator Functions in 'simcausal'.
networkDefine a Network Generator
nodeCreate Node Object(s)
parentsShow Node Parents Given DAG Object
plotDAGPlot DAG
plotSurvEst(EXPERIMENTAL) Plot Discrete Survival Function(s)
print.DAGPrint DAG Object
print.DAG.actionPrint Action Object
print.DAG.nodePrint DAG.node Object
rbernRandom Sample from Bernoulli Distribution
rcat.b1Random Sample from Base 1 (rcat.b1) or Base 0 (rcat.b0)...
rcat.factorRandom Sample for a Categorical Factor
rconstConstant (Degenerate) Distribution (Returns its Own Argument...
rdistr.templateTemplate for Writing Custom Distribution Functions
rnet.gnmCall 'igraph::sample_gnm' to Generate Random Graph Object...
rnet.gnpCall 'igraph::sample_gnp' to Generate Random Graph Object...
rnet.SmWorldCall 'igraph::sample_smallworld' to Generate Random Graph...
set.DAGCreate and Lock DAG Object
set.targetEDefine Non-Parametric Causal Parameters
set.targetMSMDefine Causal Parameters with a Working Marginal Structural...
simSimulate Observed or Full Data from 'DAG' Object
simcausalSimulating Longitudinal Data with Causal Inference...
simfullSimulate Full Data (From Action DAG(s))
simobsSimulate Observed Data Network from Sparse Adjacency Matrix into igraph... Network from Sparse Adjacency Matrix into Network IDs...
vecfun.addAdd Custom Vectorized Functions
vecfun.all.printPrint Names of All Vectorized Functions
vecfun.printPrint Names of Custom Vectorized Functions
vecfun.removeRemove Custom Vectorized Functions
vecfun.resetReset Custom Vectorized Function List
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