Man pages for simecol
Simulation of Ecological (and Other) Dynamic Systems

addtoenvAdd Functions from a Non-nested List of Named Functions to a...
approxTimeLinear Interpolation with Complete Matrices or Data Frames
as.simObjCoerce simObj Objects to Lists and Vice-Versa
CAStochastic Cellular Automaton
chemostatChemostat Model
conwayThe Classical Coway's Game of Life
diffusionA Random Walk Particle Diffusion Model
editParmsEdit 'parms', 'init' or 'times' Slot of 'simecol' Objects
eightneighboursCount Number of Neighbours in a Rectangular Cellular Grid.
fitOdeModelParameter Fitting for odeModel Objects
fromtobyCreate Regular Sequence from 'from-to-by' Vector
initialize-methodsMethods for Function 'initialize' in Package 'simecol'
iterationDiscrete Simulation
listOrNULLHelpful Union Classes
lvLotka-Volterra Predator-Prey Model
lv3Lotka-Volterra-Type Model with Resource, Prey and Predator
mixNamedVecMix Two Named Vectors, Resolving Name Conflicts
modelFitClass of Fitted Model Parameters
modelFit-methodsShow Results of Model Fits
neighboursCount Number of Neighbours on a Rectangular Grid.
observerGet or Set an Observer Functions to an 'simObj' Object
odeModelGenerating-functions (Constructors) to Create Objects of...
parmsAccessor Functions for 'simObj' Objects
p.constrainTransform Data Between Unconstrained and Box-constrained...
pcuseriesGenerate Plackett Bivariate Random Numbers
peaksFind Peaks Within xy-Data
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot in Package 'simecol'
print-methodsMethods for Function 'print' in Package 'simecol'
sEditSimple editing
seedfillColor Fill Algorithm
simSimulation of 'simObj' model objects
simecol-packageSimulation of Ecological (and Other) Dynamic Systems
ssqOdeModelSum of Squares Between odeModel and Data
upcaThe Uniform Period Chaotic Amplitude Model
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