recomb_map_hg: Simplified recombination maps for human genomes

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Simplified recombination maps for human genomes


Human genetic recombination maps for builds 38 (GRCh38/hg38) and 37 (GRCh37/hg19, below suffixed as hg37 for simplicity although technically incorrect). Processed each first with recomb_map_fix_ends_chr() to shift and extrapolate to sequence ends, then simplified with recomb_map_simplify_chr() to remove all values that can be extrapolated with an error of up to tol = 0.1, in order to reduce their sizes and interpolation runtime. Defaults were used, which resulted in extrapolated recombination rates close to and centered around the average of 1e-6 cM/base). Autosomes only.





A list with 22 elements (autosomes, not named), each a tibble with two columns defining the recombination map at that chromosome:

  • pos: position in base pairs

  • posg: position in centiMorgans (cM)

An object of class list of length 22.


Raw genetic maps downloaded from this location prior to above processing:

Chromosome lengths from:

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