simglm: simglm: A package to simulate and perform power by simulation...

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The simglm package provides two categories of important functions: simulation functions and power functions. The package follows a tidy framework where functions are designed to be similar, do one thing, and stack on top of each other to build more complex systems. #'

This function is most useful to pass to replicate_simulation. The function attempts to determine automatically which aspects to add to the simulation/power generation based on the elements found in the sim_args argument.





A named list with special model formula syntax. See details and examples for more information. The named list may contain the following:

  • fixed: This is the fixed portion of the model (i.e. covariates)

  • random: This is the random portion of the model (i.e. random effects)

  • error: This is the error (i.e. residual term).

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