Man pages for simmer
Discrete-Event Simulation for R

activateActivate/Deactivate Sources
add_dataframeAdd a Data Frame
add_generatorAdd a Generator
add_globalAdd a Global Attribute
add_resourceAdd a Resource
batchBatch/Separate Arrivals
branchFork the Trajectory Path
cloneClone/Synchronize Arrivals
Extract.trajectoryExtract or Replace Parts of a Trajectory
generatorsConvenience Functions for Generators
get_capacityGet Resource Parameters
get_monMonitoring Statistics
get_n_generatedGet Process Parameters
get_sourcesGet Sources and Resources Defined
handle_unfinishedHandle Unfinished Arrivals
joinJoin Trajectories
length.trajectoryNumber of Activities in a Trajectory
monitorCreate a Monitor
nowSimulation Time
peekPeek Next Events
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
renegeRenege on some Condition
resetReset a Simulator
rollbackRollback a Number of Activities
runRun a Simulation
scheduleGenerate a Scheduling Object
seizeSeize/Release Resources
selectSelect Resources
sendInter-arrival Communication
set_attributeSet Attributes
set_capacitySet Resource Parameters
set_prioritizationSet Prioritization Values
set_trajectorySet Source Parameters
simmerCreate a Simulator
simmer-package'simmer': Discrete-Event Simulation for R
trajectoryCreate a Trajectory
wrapWrap a Simulation Environment
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