Man pages for simpleCache
Simply Caching R Objects

addCacheSearchEnvironmentAdd a cache search environment
deleteCachesDeletes caches
listCachesShow available caches.
loadCachesLoads pre-made caches
resetCacheSearchEnvironmentSets global option of cache search environments to NULL.
secToTimeThis function takes a time in seconds and converts it to a...
setCacheBuildDirSets local cache build directory with scripts for building...
setCacheDirSets a global variable specifying the default cache directory...
setSharedCacheDirSet shared cache directory
simpleCacheProvides intuitive functions for caching R objects,...
simpleCacheGlobalHelper alias for loading caches into the global environment....
simpleCacheSharedAlias to default to a shared cache folder.
simpleCacheSharedGlobalHelper alias for loading shared caches into the global...
storeCacheStores as a cache an already-produced R object
ticStart a timer
tocCheck the time since the current timer was started with tic()
viewCacheDirsView cache directories
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