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Simple Graph Data Types and Basic Algorithms

adjacent_verticesAdjacent vertices for all vertices in a graph
bfsBreadth-first search of a graph
data_frameCreate a data frame, more robust than 'data.frame'
degreeDegree of vertices
edgesEdges of a graph
graphCreate a graph
incident_edgesIncident edges
is_loopyIs this a loopy graph?
is_multigraphIs this a multigraph?
is_simpleIs this a simple graph?
is_weightedIs the graph weighted?
orderOrder of a graph
predecessorsPredecessors and successors
remove_loopsRemove loop edges from a graph
remove_multipleRemove multiple edges from a graph
sanitizeCheck the validity of a graph data structure
simplegraphSimple Graph Data Types and Basic Algorithms
simplifyRemove multiple and loop edges from a graph
sizeThe size of the graph is the number of edges
strengthVertex strength: sum of weights of incident edges
topological_sortTopological sorting of a graph
transposeTranspose a graph
vertex_idsVertex ids of a graph
verticesVertices of a graph, with metadata
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