Man pages for simputation
Simple Imputation

deparseA 'deparse' replacement that always returns a length-1 vector
foretellAlternative to 'predict' returning values of correct type.
glimpse_naShow the number of (remaining) missing values.
imputeImpute using a previously fitted model.
impute_hotdeckHot deck imputation
impute_lm(Robust) Linear Regression Imputation
impute_medianImpute (group-wise) medians
impute_multivariateMultivariate, model-based imputation
impute_proxyImpute by variable derivation
impute_treeDecision Tree Imputation
na.roughfixRough imputation for handling missing predictors.
na_statusShow the number of (remaining) missing values.
print.simputation.capabilitiesprint output of simputation_capabilities
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
simputation_capabilitiesCapabilities depending on suggested packages.
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