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Comparing Single Cases to Small Samples

BSDTBayesian Standardised Difference Test
BSDT_covBayesian Standardised Difference Test with Covariates
BSDT_cov_powerPower calculator for BSDT_cov
BSDT_powerPower calculator for BSDT
BTDBayesian Test of Deficit
BTD_covBayesian Test of Deficit with Covariates
BTD_cov_powerPower calculator for BTD_cov
BTD_powerPower calculator for BTD
RSDTRevised Standardised Difference Test
RSDT_powerPower calculator for RSDT
singcarsingcar: Comparing Single Cases to Small Samples
size_weight_illusionData from one patient and 28 controls on the size-weight...
TDTest of Deficit
TD_powerPower calculator for TD
UDTUnstandardised Difference Test
UDT_powerPower calculator for UDT
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