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Marked Point Pattern Tree Data from BOREAS


Four data sets from the Boreal Ecosystem–Atmosphere Study (BOREAS, Rich and Fournier 1999), as used by García (2006). These are approximately evenaged and single-species unmanaged natural forests, from a northern study area in Manitoba and a southern study area in Saskatchewan, central Canada. Tree coordinates and diameters at breast height (dbh) were measured for all trees taller than 2 m on areas of 50 m x 60 m, subdivided into subplots on a 10 m grid. Tree heights were estimated from height-dbh regressions based on a sample of height measurements. The data here excludes dead trees, and also excludes some trees with coordinates just outside the observation window.

The 4 data sets are:


Northern study area, Jack pine


Northern study area, black spruce


Southern study area, trembling aspen


Southern study area, Jack pine


Each data set is a spatstat marked point pattern object (class ppp). The marks are a data frame with dbh (cm), height (m), species, a dominance classification, and a subplot id.


doi: 10.3334/ORNLDAAC/359


Rich, P.M., and Fournier, R. (1999) BOREAS TE-23 map plot data [online]. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Available from

García, O. (2006) Scale and spatial structure effects on tree size distributions: Implications for growth and yield modelling. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36(11), 2983–2993. doi: 10.1139/x06-116.


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