Man pages for sirad
Functions for Calculating Daily Solar Radiation and Evapotranspiration

apAngstrom-Prescott solar radiation model
apcalCalibrate Angstrom-Prescott model
bcBristow-Campbell model
bcautoAuto-calibrate Bristow-Campbell model
bccalCalibrate Bristow-Campbell model
cstEstimate clear sky transmissivity
cstReadRead values of clear sky transmissivity
dayOfYearConvert 'Date' to number of day in a year
degreesConvert radians to degrees
deltaVPSlope of saturation vapour pressure curve
esMean saturation vapour pressure
et0FAO Penman-Monteith evapotranspiration equation
extratCalculate extraterrestrial solar radiation
haHargreaves solar radiation model
hacalCalibrate Hargreaves model
hautoAuto-calibrate Hargreaves model
MetdataWeather data
mhMahmood-Hubbard solar radiation model
modevalModel performance statistics.
psychCPsychrometric constant
radiansConvert degrees to radians
rnlNet longwave radiation
rnsNet shortwave radiation
sirad-packageFunctions for calculating daily solar radiation and...
suSupit-Van Kappel solar radiation model
sucalCalibrate Supit-Van Kappel model
wind2Convert wind speed measured at a certain height to the wind...
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