Man pages for sisus
SISUS: Stable Isotope Sourcing using Sampling

additional.linear.constraintsAdditional Linear Constraints
assign.variablesAssign variables from input file to variable names
diag.panel.histdefine scatterplot diagonal formatting
dirichlet.momentsCalculate the moments of the Dirichlet distribution given the...
filename.cleanClean up filenames, replacing spaces and bad characters with...
get.dataGet data from Excel spreadsheet
indy.mixture.isotope.mvn.sampleStrip out the samples associated with the current mixture
isotope.mvn.samplingSamples isotope values from the Multivariate Normal...
mcmc.diagnosticsMCMC Diagnostics
model.mass.balance.equationMass balance equations for converting isotope values to...
model.mass.balance.equation.inverseInverse Mass balance equations for converting biomass sampled...
numerical.summariesNumerical summaries
polytope.constraintsPolytope constraints (incorporates both Isotope and...
polytope.multiple.samplesDefines linear constraints for each sample from the isotope...
prior.on.pPrior on the vector of source proportions, p, is defined by...
progress.timereturns the time taken since the time started
resample.dirichlet.pResamples weighted samples from the polytope from the...
sample.from.polytopeCORE function to draw the samples from the polytope
sisus-packageSISUS: Stable Isotope Sourcing using Sampling
sisus.rundriver program for SISUS
s.plot.convex.hullConvex Hull plot
s.plot.convex.hull.titlesoutside titles Convex Hull matrix plot
s.plot.marginal.histogramPlot marginal histograms
s.plot.scatterplot.sampleScatterplot matrix
s.plot.settings.begin.endPlot settings for all plots
write.Abwrite A matrix and b vector
write.inputWrite input values out to a file
write.model.settingsWrite model settings to the process log
write.outwrite directly to the screen
write.progresswrite progress to the screen
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