Man pages for skewsamp
Estimate Sample Sizes for Group Comparisons with Skewed Distributions

create_lower_extensionComputes the lower boundary value for the empirical CDF
create_upper_extensionComputes the upper boundary value for the empirical CDF
dempEmpirical probability density function (EPDF)
estimate_pComputes an empirical estimate of 'p' (P(X < X + delta))
extend_sampleExtends a vector by adding a lower and upper boundary.
find_smaller_indexFinds the index of the smaller neighbour of the given value...
n_binomCalculate sample size for binomial distribution
n_gammaCalculate sample size for gamma distribution
n_glmCalculate sample size for a group comparison via generalized...
n_locshiftEstimate N on the basis of two pilot samples.
n_locshift_boundCompute an upper bound the sample size based on two pilot...
n_locshift_oneEstimate N on the basis of one pilot sample.
n_negbinomCalculate sample size for negative binomial distribution
n_noetherNoether's (1987) formula for obtaining a sample size...
n_poissonCalculate sample size for poisson distribution
pempEmpirical cumulative density function (ECDF)
qempEmpirical quantile function
rempDraws random values from the ECDF obtained from 'sample'
resample_n_locshiftCompute a distribution of estimates of N based on two pilot...
resample_n_locshift_oneCompute 'n_resamples' estimates of N
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