Man pages for skyscapeR
Skyscape Archaeology Data Reduction, Visualization and Analysis

antizenithDeclination of the anti-zenith sun for a given location
az2decCalculates declination from azimuth and altitude measurements
createHorCreate ._skyscapeR.horizon_ object from Az/Alt data
curvigramComputes declination curvigram
download.HWTDownload horizon data from _HeyWhatsThat_
dSDeclination of December Solstice for a given year
eqDeclination of sun at the equinoxes
exportHorExports a _skyscapeR.horizon_ object into _Stellarium_ format
hor2altRetrieves horizon altitude for a given azimuth from a given...
jSDeclination of June Solstice for a given year
Laskar04Astronomical elements from Laskar et al. (2004)
mag.decEstimates magnetics declination (diff. between true and...
nh.LunarRangeDeclination distribution of the Moon throughout the year for...
nh.SolarRangeDeclination distribution of the Sun throughout the year for...
nh.SummerFMDeclination distribution of the Summer Full Moon for null...
nh.UniformDeclination distribution corresponding to a uniform azimuthal...
nMjLXDeclination of northern major Lunar Extreme for a given year
nmnLXDeclination of northern minor Lunar Extreme for a given year
obliquityComputes obliquity based on _Laskar et al (2004)_ tables
orbitCalculate visible path of celestial object at given location
plotAzPolar plot of orientations (azimuths)
plotCurvPlot a curvigram
plotHorPlot horizon data
plotPhasesPlot stellar phase and seasonality
plotZscorePlot a z-score transformed curvigram
reduct.compassData reduction for compass measurements
reduct.theodoliteData reduction for theodolite measurements using the...
RugglesCKRCork and Kerry Stone Row Data
RugglesRSCRecumbent Stone Circle Data
sigTestPerform a null hypothesis significance test of a given...
sky.objectsCreates a _skyscapeR.object_ for plotting of celestial...
sMjLXDeclination of southern major Lunar Extreme for a given year
smnLXDeclination of southern minor Lunar Extreme for a given year
starCreate _skyscapeR.star_ object
star.phasesCalculate the seasons and phases of a star
starsStellar Data
sunAzReturns the azimuth of the sun at a given time from a...
zenithDeclination of the zenith sun for a given location
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