Man pages for slim
Singular Linear Models for Longitudinal Data

coef.slimExtract Model Coefficients from Singular Linear Model
compute_laurentLaurent Expansion of Inverse of Linear Matrix Function
confint.slimConfidence Intervals for Model Parameters from Singular...
dialysisRenal Function in Three Groups of Peritoneal Dialysis...
fit_slimFitter Function for Singular Linear Models
fitted.slimExtract Model Fitted Values from Singular Linear Model
list_covariancesList Covariance Matrices for Every Subject
predict.slimModel Predictions from Singular Linear Model
print.slimPrint 'slim' Objects
residuals.slimExtract Model Residuals from Singular Linear Model
slimFit Singular Linear Models
slim.methodsMethods for Singular Linear Model Fits
slim-packageSingular linear models for longitudinal data.
summary.slimSummarizing Singular Linear Model Fits
vcov.slimExtract Variance-Covariance Matrix from a 'slim' Object
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