Man pages for smacpod
Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Case-Control Point Data

circles.intersectDetermine whether circles intersect
circles.plotPlot circles
graveMedieval Grave Site Data
kdDifference of estimated K functions
kdestDifference of estimated K functions
kdplus.testGlobal test of clustering using difference in K functions
logrrLog ratio of spatial densities
logrr.testGlobal test of clustering using log ratio of spatial...
nnDetermine nearest neighbors
nocDetermine non-overlapping clusters
plot.kdenvPlot a 'kdenv' object.
plot.logrrenvPlots objects produced by the 'logrr' function.
plot.spscanPlots object from 'spscan.test'.
qnn.testq Nearest Neighbors Test
spdensityKernel smoothed spatial density of point pattern
spscan.testSpatial Scan Test
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