Man pages for smbinning
Scoring Modeling and Optimal Binning

chileancreditChilean Credit Data
smbinningOptimal Binning for Scoring Modeling
smbinning.customCustomized Binning
smbinning.edaExploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
smbinning.factorBinning on Factor Variables
smbinning.factor.customCustomized Binning on Factor Variables
smbinning.factor.genUtility to generate a new characteristic from a factor...
smbinning.genUtility to generate a new characteristic from a numeric...
smbinning.metricsPerformance Metrics for a Classification Model
smbinning.metrics.plotVisualization of a Classification Matrix
smbinning.plotPlots after binning
smbinning.psiPopulation Stability Index
smbinning.scoring.genGeneration of Score and Its Weights
smbinning.scoring.sqlGeneration of SQL Code After Scaled Model
smbinning.sqlSQL Code
smbinning.sumivInformation Value Summary
smbinning.sumiv.plotPlot Information Value Summary
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