smoothHR-package: Smooth Hazard Ratio Curves Taking a Reference Value

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Provides flexible hazard ratio curves allowing non-linear relationships between continuous predictors and survival. To better understand the effects that each continuous covariate has on the outcome, results are expressed in terms of hazard ratio curves, taking a specific covariate value as reference. Confidence bands for these curves are also derived.


Package: smoothHR
Type: Package
Version: 1.0.3
Date: 2021-10-06
License: GPL-3
LazyLoad: yes
LazyData: yes


Artur Araújo and Luís Meira-Machado
Maintainer: Artur Araújo


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Meira-Machado, L. and Cadarso-Suárez, C. and Gude, F. and Araújo, A. (2013). smoothHR: An R Package for Pointwise Nonparametric Estimation of Hazard Ratio Curves of Continuous Predictors, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, 2013, Article ID 745742, 11 pages. doi: 10.1155/2013/745742

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