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Plot Method for the Package 'smoots'


This function regulates how objects created by the package smoots are plotted.


## S3 method for class 'smoots'
plot(x, t = NULL, rescale = TRUE, which = NULL, ...)



an input object of class smoots.


an optional vector with time points that will be considered for the x-axis within the plot; is set to NULL by default and uses a vector 1:length(x$ye) for time points.


a single logical value; is set to TRUE by default; if the output of a derivative estimation process is passed to x and if rescale = TRUE, the estimates will be rescaled according to t.


a selector for the plot type so that the interactive prompt is avoided; for the default, which = NULL, the user will be asked interactively via the console which plot to show; to avoid this behavior, set which to the corresponding number of the plot you would like to create (1: original series, 2: trend series, 3: residual series, 4: original series with trend series for trend estimation objects, 1: original series, 2: derivative series for trend derivative estimation object).


additional arguments of the standard plot method.




  • Dominik Schulz (Research Assistant) (Department of Economics, Paderborn University),
    Package Creator and Maintainer

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