Man pages for sna
Tools for Social Network Analysis

add.isolatesAdd Isolates to a Graph
bbnamButts' (Hierarchical) Bayesian Network Accuracy Model
bbnam.bfEstimate Bayes Factors for the bbnam
betweennessCompute the Betweenness Centrality Scores of Network...
bicomponent.distCalculate the Bicomponents of a Graph
blockmodelGenerate Blockmodels Based on Partitions of Network Positions
blockmodel.expandGenerate a Graph (or Stack) from a Given Blockmodel Using...
bnFit a Biased Net Model
bonpowFind Bonacich Power Centrality Scores of Network Positions
brokeragePerform a Gould-Fernandez Brokerage Analysis
centralgraphFind the Central Graph of a Labeled Graph Stack
centralizationFind the Centralization of a Given Network, for Some Measure...
clique.censusCompute Cycle Census Information
closenessCompute the Closeness Centrality Scores of Network Positions
colemanColeman's High School Friendship Data
component.distCalculate the Component Size Distribution of a Graph
componentsFind the Number of (Maximal) Components Within a Given Graph
component.size.byvertexGet Component Sizes, by Vertex
connectednessCompute Graph Connectedness Scores
consensusEstimate a Consensus Structure from Multiple Observations
cugtestPerform Conditional Uniform Graph (CUG) Hypothesis Tests for...
cug.testUnivariate Conditional Uniform Graph Tests
cutpointsIdentify the Cutpoints of a Graph or Digraph
degreeCompute the Degree Centrality Scores of Network Positions
diag.removeRemove the Diagonals of Adjacency Matrices in a Graph Stack
dyad.censusCompute a Holland and Leinhardt MAN Dyad Census
efficiencyCompute Graph Efficiency Scores
ego.extractExtract Egocentric Networks from Complete Network Data
equiv.clustFind Clusters of Positions Based on an Equivalence Relation
eval.edgeperturbationCompute the Effects of Single-Edge Perturbations on...
evcentFind Eigenvector Centrality Scores of Network Positions
event2dichotConvert an Observed Event Matrix to a Dichotomous matrix
flowbetCalculate Flow Betweenness Scores of Network Positions
gapplyApply Functions Over Vertex Neighborhoods
gclust.boxstatsPlot Statistics Associated with Graph Clusters
gclust.centralgraphGet Central Graphs Associated with Graph Clusters
gcorFind the (Product-Moment) Correlation Between Two or More...
gcovFind the Covariance(s) Between Two or More Labeled Graphs
gdenFind the Density of a Graph
gdist.plotdiffPlot Differences in Graph-level Statistics Against...
gdist.plotstatsPlot Various Graph Statistics Over a Network MDS
geodistFund the Numbers and Lengths of Geodesics Among Nodes in a...
gilschmidtCompute the Gil-Schmidt Power Index
gliopReturn a Binary Operation on GLI Values Computed on Two...
gplotTwo-Dimensional Visualization of Graphs
gplot3dThree-Dimensional Visualization of Graphs
gplot3d.arrowAdd Arrows a Three-Dimensional Plot
gplot3d.layoutVertex Layout Functions for gplot3d
gplot3d.loopAdd Loops to a Three-Dimensional Plot
gplot.arrowAdd Arrows or Segments to a Plot
gplot.layoutVertex Layout Functions for gplot
gplot.loopAdd Loops to a Plot
gplot.targetDisplay a Graph in Target Diagram Form
gplot.vertexAdd Vertices to a Plot
graphcentCompute the (Harary) Graph Centrality Scores of Network...
grecipCompute the Reciprocity of an Input Graph or Graph Stack
gscorFind the Structural Correlations Between Two or More Graphs
gscovFind the Structural Covariance(s) Between Two or More Graphs
gtTranspose an Input Graph
gtransCompute the Transitivity of an Input Graph or Graph Stack
gvectorizeVectorization of Adjacency Matrices
hdistFind the Hamming Distances Between Two or More Graphs
hierarchyCompute Graph Hierarchy Scores
infocentFind Information Centrality Scores of Network Positions
interval.graphConvert Spell Data to Interval Graphs
is.connectedIs a Given Graph Connected?
is.isolateIs Ego an Isolate?
isolatesList the Isolates in a Graph or Graph Stack
kcoresCompute the k-Core Structure of a Graph
lab.optimizeOptimize a Bivariate Graph Statistic Across a Set of...
lnamFit a Linear Network Autocorrelation Model
loadcentCompute the Load Centrality Scores of Network Positions
lower.tri.removeRemove the Lower Triangles of Adjacency Matrices in a Graph...
lubnessCompute Graph LUBness Scores
make.stochasticMake a Graph Stack Row, Column, or Row-column Stochastic
maxflowCalculate Maximum Flows Between Vertices
mutualityFind the Mutuality of a Graph
nacfSample Network Covariance and Correlation Functions
neighborhoodCompute Neighborhood Structures of Specified Order
netcancorCanonical Correlation for Labeled Graphs
netlmLinear Regression for Network Data
netlogitLogistic Regression for Network Data
npostpredTake Posterior Predictive Draws for Functions of Networks
ntiesFind the Number of Possible Ties in a Given Graph or Graph...
numpermGet the nth Permutation Vector by Periodic Placement
path.censusCompute Path or Cycle Census Information
plot.bbnamPlotting for bbnam Objects
plot.blockmodelPlotting for blockmodel Objects
plot.cugtestPlotting for cugtest Objects
plot.equiv.clustPlot an equiv.clust Object
plot.lnamPlotting for lnam Objects
plot.qaptestPlotting for qaptest Objects
plot.sociomatrixPlot Matrices Using a Color/Intensity Grid
potscalered.mcmcCompute Gelman and Rubin's Potential Scale Reduction Measure...
prestigeCalculate the Vertex Prestige Scores
print.bayes.factorPrinting for Bayes Factor Objects
print.bbnamPrinting for bbnam Objects
print.blockmodelPrinting for blockmodel Objects
print.cugtestPrinting for cugtest Objects
print.lnamPrinting for lnam Objects
print.netcancorPrinting for netcancor Objects
print.netlmPrinting for netlm Objects
print.netlogitPrinting for netlogit Objects
print.qaptestPrinting for qaptest Objects
print.summary.bayes.factorPrinting for summary.bayes.factor Objects
print.summary.bbnamPrinting for summary.bbnam Objects
print.summary.blockmodelPrinting for summary.blockmodel Objects
print.summary.cugtestPrinting for summary.cugtest Objects
print.summary.lnamPrinting for summary.lnam Objects
print.summary.netcancorPrinting for summary.netcancor Objects
print.summary.netlmPrinting for summary.netlm Objects
print.summary.netlogitPrinting for summary.netlogit Objects
print.summary.qaptestPrinting for summary.qaptest Objects
pstarFit a p*/ERG Model Using a Logistic Approximation
qaptestPerform Quadratic Assignment Procedure (QAP) Hypothesis Tests...
reachabilityFind the Reachability Matrix of a Graph
read.dotRead Graphviz DOT Files
read.nosRead (N)eo-(O)rg(S)tat Input Files
redistFind a Matrix of Distances Between Positions Based on Regular...
rgbnDraw from a Skvoretz-Fararo Biased Net Process
rgnmDraw Density-Conditioned Random Graphs
rgnmixDraw Mixing-Conditioned Random Graphs
rgraphGenerate Bernoulli Random Graphs
rgumanDraw Dyad Census-Conditioned Random Graphs
rgwsDraw From the Watts-Strogatz Rewiring Model
rmpermRandomly Permute the Rows and Columns of an Input Matrix
rpermDraw a Random Permutation Vector with Exchangeability...
sdmatEstimate the Structural Distance Matrix for a Graph Stack
sedistFind a Matrix of Distances Between Positions Based on...
simmelianFind the Simmelian Tie Structure of a Graph
snaTools for Social Network Analysis
sna-coercionsna Coercion Functions
sna-defunctDefunct sna Objects
sna-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in sna Package
sna-internalInternal sna Functions
sna.operatorsGraphical Operators
sr2cssConvert a Row-wise Self-Report Matrix to a CSS Matrix with...
stackcountHow Many Graphs are in a Graph Stack?
stresscentCompute the Stress Centrality Scores of Network Positions
structdistFind the Structural Distances Between Two or More Graphs
structure.statisticsCompute Network Structure Statistics
summary.bayes.factorDetailed Summaries of Bayes Factor Objects
summary.bbnamDetailed Summaries of bbnam Objects
summary.blockmodelDetailed Summaries of blockmodel Objects
summary.cugtestDetailed Summaries of cugtest Objects
summary.lnamDetailed Summaries of lnam Objects
summary.netcancorDetailed Summaries of netcancor Objects
summary.netlmDetailed Summaries of netlm Objects
summary.netlogitDetailed Summaries of netlogit Objects
summary.qaptestDetailed Summaries of qaptest Objects
symmetrizeSymmetrize an Adjacency Matrix
triad.censusCompute the Davis and Leinhardt Triad Census
triad.classifyCompute the Davis and Leinhardt Classification of a Given...
upper.tri.removeRemove the Upper Triangles of Adjacency Matrices in a Graph...
write.dlWrite Output Graphs in DL Format
write.nosWrite Output Graphs in (N)eo-(O)rg(S)tat Format
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