snowFT: Fault Tolerant Simple Network of Workstations

Extension of the snow package supporting fault tolerant and reproducible applications, as well as supporting easy-to-use parallel programming - only one function is needed.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorHana Sevcikova, A. J. Rossini
Date of publication2015-06-25 07:20:05
MaintainerHana Sevcikova <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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addClusterOptions Man page
addtoCluster.MPIcluster Man page
addtoCluster.PVMcluster Man page
addtoCluster.SOCKcluster Man page
checkSPRNG Man page
checkSprngNode Man page
clusterApplyFT Man page
clusterCallpart Man page
clusterCheckSPRNG Man page
clusterEvalQpart Man page
clusterSetupRNG.FT Man page
clusterSetupRNGstreamRepli Man page
combinecl Man page
do.administration Man page
do.administration.MPIcluster Man page
do.administration.PVMcluster Man page
do.administration.SOCKcluster Man page
freeStream Man page
GetNodefromReplic Man page
getNodeID Man page
getNodeID.MPInode Man page
getNodeID.PVMnode Man page
getNodeID.SOCKnode Man page
initRNGstreamNodeRepli Man page
initStream Man page
is.manageable Man page
is.manageable.MPIcluster Man page
is.manageable.PVMcluster Man page
is.manageable.SOCKcluster Man page
makeClusterFT Man page
makeSOCKclusterFT Man page
manage.replications.and.cluster.size Man page
performParallel Man page
performSequential Man page
printClusterInfo Man page
processStatus.MPInode Man page
processStatus.PVMnode Man page
processStatus.SOCKnode Man page
recvOneDataFT Man page
recvOneDataFT.MPIcluster Man page
recvOneDataFT.PVMcluster Man page
recvOneDataFT.SOCKcluster Man page
recvOneResultFT Man page
removecl Man page
repairCluster.MPIcluster Man page
repairCluster.PVMcluster Man page
repairCluster.SOCKcluster Man page
resetRNG Man page
snowFT Man page
snowFT-package Man page
updatecl Man page
writetomngtfile Man page

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