soilphysics-package: Soil Physical Analysis

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Basic and model-based soil physical analyses.


Package: soilphysics
Type: Package
Version: 4.0
Date: 2020-12-06
License: GPL (>= 2)

Functions for modelling the load bearing capacity and the penetration resistance, and for predicting the stress applied by agricultural machines in the soil profile. The package allows one to model the soil water retention through six different models. There are some useful and easy-to-use functions to perform parameter estimation of these models. Methods to obtain the preconsolidation stress are available, such as the standard of Casagrande (1936) and so on. It is possible to quantify soil water availability for plants through the Least Limiting Water Range approach as well as the Integral Water Capacity. Moreover, it is possible to determine the water suction at the point of hydraulic cut-off. Also, users can deal with the high-energy-moisture-characteristics (HEMC) methodology proposed by Pierson and Mulla (1989), which is used to analyze the aggregate stability. There is a function to determine the soil critical moisture and the maximum bulk density for one or more samples, based on the Proctor (1933) compaction test. Other utilities like a function to calculate the soil liquid limit, the void ratio and to determine the maximum curvature point are available.


soilphysics is an ongoing project. We welcome any and all criticism, comments and suggestions.


Anderson Rodrigo da Silva, Renato Paiva de Lima

Maintainer: Anderson Rodrigo da Silva <>


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