Man pages for soilprofile
A package to consistently represent soil properties along a soil profile

build.profileConverts a data.frame into a
channerDataset of coordinates for a channer-shaped skeleton unit
depthsConverts depths into suitable mean points for each horizon in...
eplotA lattice-based plot of elements on multiple panels
exampleAn example of class ''
example.dataData generated from dataframe 'example' to plot profiles of an object of class ''
munsell_to_rgbConverts munsell colors to RGB colors
plot_profileThe function which is called from the generic... main plotting function for a soil profile print function for
retrieve.horizonsRecycles all produced data for drawing one or more profile(s)...
retrieve.rootsRecycles roots features for drawing one or more profile(s)
retrieve.skeletalRecycles all produced data for drawing one or more profile(s)...
rootsA function for drawing roots
root_unitA list of tree matrices of coordinates for root units
skeletalPlot skelatal, internal function
soilprofile-packageA package for consistently drawing soil profiles and their...
subangularDataset of coordinates for a subangula-shaped skeleton unit
subcircleDataset of coordinates for a subcircle-shaped skeleton unit function to summarize an object of class... function
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