someMTP: Some Multiple Testing Procedures

It's a collection of functions for Multiplicity Correction and Multiple Testing.

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Authorlivio finos
Date of publication2013-11-04 17:51:28
Maintainerlivio finos <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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callOrNULL-class Man page
characterOrNULL-class Man page
draw Man page
fdrOrd Man page
kfweOrd Man page
length Man page
length-method Man page
length,someMTP.object-method Man page
listOrNULL-class Man page
lsd Man page
lsd.object Man page
lsd.object-class Man page
lsd.test Man page
matrixOrNULL-class Man page
names<-,someMTP.object-method Man page
names,someMTP.object-method Man page
numericOrNULL-class Man page
p.adjust.w Man page
p.value Man page
p.value,lsd.object-method Man page
show,lsd.object-method Man page
show,someMTP.object-method Man page
someMTP Man page
someMTP.object Man page
someMTP.object-class Man page
someMTP-package Man page
sort,someMTP.object-method Man page
step.adj Man page
summary Man page
summary,lsd.object-method Man page
summary-method Man page
summary,someMTP.object-method Man page
vectorOrNULL-class Man page
weights Man page
weights,lsd.object-method Man page
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