mmenusoptd.mae: Creates the main menu tcltk window

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Alternative to directly using the function soptdmaeA on the R console, the function mmenusoptd.mae creates the main menu tcltk window with the list of four optimality criteria (A, MV, D and E) for search of sequential optimal or near-optimal block or row-column designs for two-colour cDNA microarray experiments.




The main menu window created using the function mmenusoptd.mae contains the list of four optimality criteria (the A-, MV -, D- and E) for sequential block or row-column designs that allows user to choose an optimality criterion of interest. The function will then call for a function fixparsoptd.mae for further option regarding the setup of parametric combinations, initial optimal or near-optimal design, and output, see fixparsoptd.mae documentation.


Dibaba Bayisa Gemechu, Legesse Kassa Debusho, and Linda Haines

See Also

soptdmaeA, fixparsoptd.mae, tcltk, TkWidgets

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