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Test if running as CRAN


This function allows package developers to run tests themselves that should not run on CRAN or with "R CMD check --as-cran" because of compute time constraints with CRAN tests.





a regular expressions to apply to the names of Sys.getenv() to identify possible CRAN parameters. Defaults to Sys.getenv('_CRAN_pattern_') if available and '^_R_' if not.


Assume this is CRAN if at least n_R_CHECK4CRAN elements of Sys.getenv() have names matching x. Defaults to Sys.getenv('_n_R_CHECK4CRAN_') if available and 5 if not.


The "Writing R Extensions" manual says that "R CMD check" can be customized "by setting environment variables _R_CHECK_*_:, as described in" the Tools section of the "R Internals" manual.

'R CMD check' was tested with R 3.0.1 under Fedora 18 Linux and with Rtools 3.0 from April 16, 2013 under Windows 7. With the '--as-cran' option, 7 matches were found; without it, only 3 were found. These numbers were unaffected by the presence or absence of the '–timings' parameter. On this basis, the default value of n_R_CHECK4CRAN was set at 5.

1. x. <- Sys.getenv()

2. Fix CRAN_pattern and n_R_CHECK4CRAN if missing.

3. Let i be the indices of x. whose names match all the patterns in the vector x.

4. Assume this is CRAN if length(i) >= n_R_CHECK4CRAN.


a logical scalar with attributes 'Sys.getenv' containing the results of Sys.getenv() and 'matches' containing i per step 3 above.


Spencer Graves (copied from the fda package)

See Also

Sys.getenv skip_on_cran, which uses ["the NOT_CRAN env var set by devtools and friends"]( This CRAN function does NOT require a user to set any environment variable.


cran <- CRAN()
gete <- attr(cran, 'Sys.getenv')
(ngete <- names(gete))

iget <- grep('^_', names(gete))

#\dontrun is sometimes run on CRAN.  See
#accessed 2021-06-14
if (interactive()) {
} else {
  stop('NOT CRAN')

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