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The 'sotkanet' R package aims to make retrieval of sotkanet indicator data easy using R. Statistics and Indicator Bank is maintained by The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and it contains data on population welfare and health from 1990 onwards.

sotkanet functions

The main ways to interact with Sotkanet REST API are with the following functions: GetDataSotkanet for downloading data from specific indicator(s), SotkanetIndicators for retrieving metadata on all or user specified indicators as a well defined list and SotkanetIndicatorMetadata as a specialized case returning an untruncated ("raw") output as default.

Attribution and licensing

For citing this package, see citation("sotkanet")

For terms of use of Sotkanet data, see THL Sotkanet REST API documentation (in Finnish).

A short and unofficial English summary of the Finnish Terms of use is as follows: The end user of this package should note that

CC BY 4.0 terms state that when using data accessed through the sotkanet API you should always give appropriate credit to Sotkanet as a data source and include a link to sotkanet website: In the case of individual indicators, the producer of the indicator should also be attributed separately.

This information is subject to change and the developers of this package cannot guarantee that information stated here is correct. This unofficial English translation related to data terms of use is provided solely as a convenience to the end user. The user of this package should always check the full text of Sotkanet terms of use from the original source (see the link above to Sotkanet REST API documentation).

Basic information about the package

Package: sotkanet
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Version: See sessionInfo() or DESCRIPTION file
Date: 2013-2022
License: BSD 2-clause License
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Leo Lahti (, Einari Happonen, Juuso Parkkinen Joona Lehtomaki, Vesa Saaristo and Pyry Kantanen


See citation("sotkanet")

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