spAddins: A Set of RStudio Addins

A set of RStudio addins that are designed to be used in combination with user-defined RStudio keyboard shortcuts. These addins either: 1) insert text at a cursor position (e.g. insert operators %>%, <<-, %$%, etc.), 2) replace symbols in selected pieces of text (e.g., convert backslashes to forward slashes which results in stings like "c:\data\" converted into "c:/data/") or 3) enclose text with special symbols (e.g., converts "bold" into "**bold**") which is convenient for editing R Markdown files.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorVilmantas Gegzna [aut, cre, cph]
Date of publication2017-01-03 23:54:36
MaintainerVilmantas Gegzna <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Back2doubleBackSlash Man page
Back2ForwardSlash Man page
enclose_with_asterisk Man page
enclose_with_asterisk2 Man page
enclose_with_backtick Man page
enclose_with_dollar Man page
enclose_with_dollar2 Man page
enclose_with_tilde Man page
enclose_with_tilde2 Man page
enclose_with_underscore Man page
enclose_with_underscore2 Man page
insertArrowLR2_Addin Man page
insertArrowRL2_Addin Man page
insertArrowRL_Addin Man page
insertCompAssignPipe_Addin Man page
insert_ds_line_Addin Man page
insertExPipe_Addin Man page
insert_if_null_Addin Man page
insertIfNULL_Addin Man page
insert_if_null_or_len0_Addin Man page
insertIn_Addin Man page
insertMatMuliplication_Addin Man page
insertNotIn_Addin Man page
insertPaste0_Addin Man page
insertPaste_Addin Man page
insertPipeline_Addin Man page
insert_ss_line_Addin Man page
insert_sw_line_Addin Man page
insertTeeOperator_Addin Man page
spAddins Man page
spAddins-package Man page

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