Man pages for spTDyn
Spatially Varying and Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Linear Models

decayChoice for sampling spatial decay parameter phi.
def.timeTimer series information.
GibbsDynMCMC sampling for the models.
initialsInitial values for the spatio-temporal models.
ObsGridLocCombining observation and nearest grid locations and data.
plot.spTDPlots for spTDyn output.
predict.spTDSpatial and temporal predictions for the spatio-temporal...
priorsPriors for the spatio-temporal models.
spDefining spatially varying coefficients in the formula
spTDyn-internalService functions and some undocumented functions for the...
spTDyn-packageSpatially varying and spatio-temporal dynamic linear models
summary.spTDSummary statistics of the parameters.
tpDefining dynamic time-series coefficients in the formula
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