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Classes and Methods for Spatio-Temporal Data

airAir quality data, rural background PM10 in Germany, daily...
deltafind default time interval end points when intervals are...
eofCompute spatial or temporal empirical orthogonal function...
firesNorthern Los Angeles County Fires
intervalretrieve, or set, information whether time reflects instance...
mnfGeneric mnf method
nareplace NA attribute values; disaggregation time series
nbmultconvert a spatial nb object to a matching STF object
overconsistent spatio-temporal overlay for objects inheriting...
stboxobtain ranges of space and time coordinates
ST-classClass "ST"
stconstructcreate ST* objects from long or wide tables
STFDF-classClass "STFDF"
STIDF-classClass "STIDF"
stinteractionsubtract marginal (spatial and temporal) means from...
stplotproduce trellis plot for STxDF object
STSDF-classClass "STSDF"
STTDF-classClass "STTDF"
tgrassread or write tgrass (time-enabled grass) files
timematchmatch two (time) sequences
unstackwrite STFDF to table forms
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