Man pages for spacey
Easily Obtain Spatial Data and Make Better Maps

automapAutomatically create 2D and 3D maps using USGS and ESRI map...
deg_to_radConvert decimal degrees to radians
extract_coordsExtract latitude and longitude from a provided object
get_centroidFind central point for list of lat/long coordinates
get_centroid_bounding_boxGet bounding box for set of coordinate points
get_coord_bounding_boxGet bounding box for set of coordinate points
get_heightmapRetrieve height map from USGS national map API
get_image_overlayGet an ESRI image overlay for a rayshader map
get_textureGet color textures for a map
load_heightmapLoad an elevation map from file
load_overlayImport PNG textures for overlays
rad_to_degConvert radians to degrees
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