Man pages for spagmix
Artificial Spatial and Spatiotemporal Densities on Bounded Windows

lgcpmixGenerate a spatial log-Gaussian Cox process intensity
plot.stimPlotting 'stim' objects
rgmixRandom bivariate Gaussian mixture density generation
rpoispolyGenerate a Poisson point pattern in a polygonal window
rrmixSpatial relative risk surface generation
rrpointGenerate random case/control points in space or space-time
rrstmixSpatiotemporal relative risk surface generation
rstpointGenerate random points in space-time
sgmixBivariate Gaussian mixture density generation
spagmix-internalInternal 'spagmix' functions
spagmix-packageThe spagmix Package: Artificial Spatial and Spatiotemporal...
stgmixTrivariate Gaussian mixture density generation
stintegralEvaluate integral of a spatiotemporal object
stkeySpatiotemporal density generation via keyframe interpolation
toywinToy Windows
unify.owinSpatial window unit rescaler
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