Man pages for spam
SPArse Matrix

adjacencyAdministrative districts of Germany
allequalTest if Two 'spam' Objects are (Nearly) Equal
applyApply Functions Over Sparse Matrix Margins
bandwidthBandwidth of a Sparse Matrix
bdiagBinds Arrays Corner-to-Corner
cholCholesky Factorization for Sparse Matrices
circulantCreate Circulant Matrices
cleanupCleaning up sparse matrices
coerceForce a 'spam' Object to Belong to a Class
coercionCoercion to a Vector
complexityComplexity for Sparse Matrices
constructorsSlot modification
covCovariance functions
crossprodSpam Matrix Crossproduct
detCalculate the determinant of a positive definite Sparse...
diagSparse Matrix diagonals
diffLagged Differences
dimDimensions of an Object
displayGraphially Represent the Nonzero Entries
eigenEigenvalues for Sparse Matrices
foreignTransformation to other sparse formats
germanyPlot administrative districts of Germany
germanydataMeta-data about administrative districts of Germany
grid_trace2Two trace plots and a scatter plot.
headtailReturn the First or Last Part of an Object
history.spamBrief Overview of the History
imageDisplay a spam Object as Color Image
importRead External Matrix Formats
isSymmetricTest if a spam matrix is Symmetric
kroneckerKronecker Products on Sparse Matrices
landkreisAdministrative districts of Germany
large_matrixLarge 64-bit matrices require the R package 'spam64'
lu.triLower and Upper Triangular Part of a Sparse Matrix
makeprecCreate Precision Matrices
mathMathematical functions
math2Rounding of Numbers
methodsMethods for sparse matrices
mleMaximum likelihood estimates
nearestdistDistance Matrix Computation
operationsBasic Linear Algebra for Sparse Matrices
optionsOptions Settings
OralOral Cavity Cancer
orderingExtract the permutation
padPadding a (sparse) matrix
permutationPermute a matrix
powerboostSpecific options Setting
precmatIGMRF Precision Matrices
printPrinting and summarizing sparse matrices
rdistWrapper for Distance Matrix Computation
rmvnormDraw Multivariate Normals
rmvnorm.constDraw Constrainted Multivariate Normals
rowcolstatsForm Row and Column Sums and Means
s3onlyWappers for Sparse Matrices
solveLinear Equation Solving for Sparse Matrices
spam.chol.NgPeyton-classClass "spam.chol.NgPeyton"
spam-classClass "spam"
spam.creationSparse Matrix Class
spam-deprecatedDeprecated Objects in Package 'spam'
spam.internalSpam internal and auxiliary functions
spam-packageSPArse Matrix Package
summaryRounding of Numbers
todoSmall "ToDo" list
toeplitzCreate Toeplitz Matrices
tripletTransform a spam format to triplets
UScountiesAdjacency structure of the counties in the contiguous United...
USprecipMonthly total precipitation (mm) for April 1948 in the...
validate_spamValidate a spam objects
versionSpam Version Information
xybindCombine spam Matrices by Rows or Columns
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