Man pages for spatgraphs
Graph Edge Computations for Spatial Point Patterns

adj2sgsgadj to sg
as.sgClass creator
as.sgadjCreator for sgadj-class
as.sgcCreator for sgc
cut.sgcut edges
edgeLengthsEdge lengths
is_sgverify class sg
plot3_sgPlot 3d graph
plot.sgPlot a spatial graph
plot.sgadjplot sgadj
plot.sgcplot clusters
plot.sgspectralplot spectral clustering results
print.sgPrint method for sg
print.sgadjprint method for sgadj
print.sgcsgc print method
prune_sgPrune a graph
remove_nodesRemove edges connected to certain nodes
sg2adjsg to sgadj
sg2dxfsg to dxf format
sg2igraphsg to igraph
sg2sparseMake a sparse adjacency matrix from sg-object
sg2symSymmetrisation of sg adjacency matrix wrapper for 1way and...
sg2wadjweighted sg to weighted adjacency matrix
sg_parse_coordinatesParse input for coordinates
sg_verify_parametersVerify input parameters for the graph
shortestPathshortest path on the graph
sparse2sgMake an sg-object from adjacency matrix
spatclusterCompute the connected components of a graph
spatgraphCompute the edges of a spatial graph
spectral_sgspectral clustering
summary.sgsg summary
summary.sgcsgc summary
t.sgTranspose sg object
t.sgadjTranspose sgadj object
weight_sgSet weights to edges of sg
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