spatialEco: Spatial Analysis and Modelling

Utilities to support spatial data manipulation, query, sampling and modelling. Functions include models for species population density, download utilities for climate and global deforestation spatial products, spatial smoothing, multivariate separability, point process model for creating pseudo- absences and sub-sampling, polygon and point-distance landscape metrics, auto-logistic model, sampling models, cluster optimization and statistical exploratory tools.

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AuthorJeffrey S. Evans [aut, cre], Karthik Ram [ctb]
Date of publication2017-04-11 13:00:13 UTC
MaintainerJeffrey S. Evans <>

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Man pages

ants: Ant Biodiversity Data

bearing.distance: Bearing and Distance

breeding.density: Breeding density areas (aka, core habitat areas)

concordance: Concordance test for binomial models

conf.interval: Confidence interval for mean or median

correlogram: Correlogram

csi: Cosine Similarity Index

curvature: Surface curvature

daymet.point: DAYMET point values

daymet.tiles: DAYMET Tile ID's

DAYMET_tiles: DAYMET climate tile index

dispersion: Dispersion (H-prime)

dissection: Dissection

download.daymet: Download DAYMET

download.hansen: Download Hansen Forest 2000-2013 Change

download.prism: Download PRISM

effect.size: Cohen's-d effect size

elev: Elevation raster

gaussian.kernel: Gaussian Kernel

group.pdf: Probability density plot by group

hexagons: Hexagons

hli: Heat Load Index

hmwCorr: Dutilleul moving window bivariate raster correlation

hsp: Hierarchical Slope Position

idw.smoothing: idw.smoothing

insert.values: Insert Values

kde2D: 2-dimensional kernel density estimate

kl.divergence: Kullback-Leibler divergence (relative entropy)

land.metrics: Landscape metrics for points and polygons

local.min.max: Local minimum and maximum

loess.boot: Loess Bootstrap Loess with confidence intervals

logistic.regression: Logistic and Auto-logistic regression

moments: moments

nni: Average Nearest Neighbour Index (NNI)

optimal.k: optimalK

o.ring: Inhomogeneous O-ring

outliers: Outliers

parea.sample: Percent area sample

plot.effect.size: Plot effect size

plot.loess.boot: Plot Loess Bootstrap Point and Polygon Intersect

polyPerimeter: Polygon perimeter

pp.subsample: Point process random subsample

print.effect.size: Print effect size

print.loess.boot: Print Loess bootstrap model

pseudo.absence: Pseudo-absence random samples

pu: Biodiversity Planning Units

rasterCorrelation: Raster correlation

raster.deviation: Raster local deviation from the global trend

raster.entropy: Raster Entropy

raster.gaussian.smooth: Gaussian smoothing of raster

raster.invert: Invert raster

raster.mds: Raster multidimensional scaling (MDS)

raster.moments: Raster moments

raster.transformation: Statistical transformation for rasters

raster.vol: Raster Percent Volume

raster.Zscore: Modified z-score for a raster

sample.annulus: Sample annulus

sample.line: Systematic or random point sample of line(s)

sample.poly: Sample Polygons

sampleTransect: Sample transect

sar: Surface Area Ratio

sa.trans: Trigonomic transformation of a slope and aspect interaction spatialEco news

separability: separability

shannons: Shannon's Diversity (Entropy) Index

similarity: Ecological similarity

sobal: Sobel-Feldman operator sp na.omit

srr: Surface Relief Ratio

stratified.random: Stratified random sample

summary.effect.size: Summarizing effect size

summary.loess.boot: Summarizing Loess bootstrap models

tpi: Topographic Position Index (tpi)

trasp: Solar-radiation Aspect Index

trend.line: trend.line

tri: Terrain Ruggedness Index

vrm: Vector Ruggedness Measure (VRM)

wt.centroid: Weighted centroid

zonal.stats: zonal.stats


ants Man page
bearing.distance Man page
breeding.density Man page
concordance Man page
conf.interval Man page
correlogram Man page
csi Man page
curvature Man page
daymet.point Man page
daymet.tiles Man page
DAYMET_tiles Man page
dispersion Man page
dissection Man page
download.daymet Man page
download.hansen Man page
download.prism Man page
effect.size Man page
elev Man page
gaussian.kernel Man page
group.pdf Man page
hexagons Man page
hli Man page
hmwCorr Man page
hsp Man page
idw.smoothing Man page
insert.values Man page
kde2D Man page
kl.divergence Man page
land.metrics Man page
local.min.max Man page
loess.boot Man page Man page
logistic.regression Man page
moments Man page
nni Man page
optimal.k Man page
o.ring Man page
outliers Man page
parea.sample Man page
plot.effect.size Man page
plot.loess.boot Man page Man page
polyPerimeter Man page
pp.subsample Man page
print.effect.size Man page
print.loess.boot Man page
pseudo.absence Man page
pu Man page
rasterCorrelation Man page
raster.deviation Man page
raster.entropy Man page
raster.gaussian.smooth Man page
raster.invert Man page
raster.mds Man page
raster.moments Man page
raster.transformation Man page
raster.vol Man page
raster.Zscore Man page
sample.annulus Man page
sample.line Man page
sample.poly Man page
sampleTransect Man page
sar Man page
sa.trans Man page Man page
separability Man page
shannons Man page
similarity Man page
sobal Man page Man page
srr Man page
stratified.random Man page
summary.effect.size Man page
summary.loess.boot Man page
tpi Man page
trasp Man page
trend.line Man page
tri Man page
vrm Man page
wt.centroid Man page
zonal.stats Man page


R/daymet.point.R R/summary.loess.boot.R R/ R/idw.smoothing.R R/dispersion.R R/print.effect.size.R R/shannons.R R/sample.poly.R R/mwCorr.R R/trasp.R R/tpi.R R/ R/correlogram.R R/gaussian.kernel.R R/stratified.random.R R/outliers.R R/zonal.stats.R R/csi.R R/raster.gaussian.smooth.R R/ R/curvature.R R/sample.line.R R/elev-data.R R/download.daymet.R R/tri.R R/optimal.k.R R/kde2D.R R/local.min.max.R R/concordance.R R/DAYMET_tiles-data.R R/moments.R R/trend.line.R R/parea.sample.R R/insert.values.R R/dissection.R R/plot.effect.size.R R/pp.subsample.R R/nni.R R/hexagons.R R/separability.R R/ R/ants-data.R R/summary.effect.size.R R/sobel.R R/raster.invert.R R/vrm.R R/conf.interval.R R/print.loess.boot.R R/kl.divergence.R R/loess.boot.R R/hsp.R R/breeding.density.R R/bearing.distance.R R/hli.R R/sample.annulus.R R/logistic.regression.R R/download.hansen.R R/raster.Zscore.R R/download.prism.R R/raster.entropy.R R/pseudo.absence.R R/effect.size.R R/o.ring.R R/raster.vol.R R/rasterCorrelation.R R/raster.deviation.R R/spatialEcoNews.R R/plot.loess.boot.R R/group.pdf.R R/raster.moments.R R/similarity.R R/pu-data.R R/raster.mds.R R/daymet.tiles.R R/wt.centroids.R R/polyPerimeter.R R/raster.transformations.R R/sar.R R/sa.trans.R R/land.metrics.R R/zzz.R R/srr.R R/sample.transect.R
man/kl.divergence.Rd man/polyPerimeter.Rd man/sample.poly.Rd man/ man/correlogram.Rd man/download.daymet.Rd man/pp.subsample.Rd man/daymet.tiles.Rd man/stratified.random.Rd man/summary.loess.boot.Rd man/sar.Rd man/hmwCorr.Rd man/raster.moments.Rd man/summary.effect.size.Rd man/bearing.distance.Rd man/trasp.Rd man/insert.values.Rd man/raster.invert.Rd man/shannons.Rd man/hexagons.Rd man/plot.loess.boot.Rd man/pu.Rd man/sobal.Rd man/csi.Rd man/similarity.Rd man/plot.effect.size.Rd man/vrm.Rd man/download.hansen.Rd man/parea.sample.Rd man/ man/curvature.Rd man/moments.Rd man/group.pdf.Rd man/nni.Rd man/raster.mds.Rd man/DAYMET_tiles.Rd man/daymet.point.Rd man/conf.interval.Rd man/loess.boot.Rd man/raster.entropy.Rd man/effect.size.Rd man/sample.annulus.Rd man/optimal.k.Rd man/raster.vol.Rd man/raster.transformation.Rd man/rasterCorrelation.Rd man/raster.deviation.Rd man/dissection.Rd man/idw.smoothing.Rd man/breeding.density.Rd man/concordance.Rd man/raster.Zscore.Rd man/ man/wt.centroid.Rd man/sampleTransect.Rd man/tri.Rd man/local.min.max.Rd man/srr.Rd man/kde2D.Rd man/ man/sa.trans.Rd man/hli.Rd man/separability.Rd man/tpi.Rd man/hsp.Rd man/pseudo.absence.Rd man/sample.line.Rd man/logistic.regression.Rd man/dispersion.Rd man/gaussian.kernel.Rd man/download.prism.Rd man/print.effect.size.Rd man/trend.line.Rd man/zonal.stats.Rd man/land.metrics.Rd man/ants.Rd man/raster.gaussian.smooth.Rd man/o.ring.Rd man/outliers.Rd man/elev.Rd man/print.loess.boot.Rd

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