Man pages for spatialfusion
Multivariate Analysis of Spatial Data Using a Unifying Spatial Fusion Framework

domainMunicipality map for Canton of Zurich
fittedObtain fitted values of spatial fusion model
fusionFit a spatial fusion model
fusionDataPrepare data structure for spatial fusion modelling
fusion.dinlaFit a spatial fusion model using INLA
fusion.dstanFit a spatial fusion model using Stan
fusionSimulateSimulate spatial data
geodataSimulated geostatistical data
latticedataSimulated lattice data
plotGenerate diagnostics plot for a fusion model
ppdataSimulated point pattern data
predictObtain predictions for the latent processes of spatial fusion...
spatialfusion-packageMultivariate Analysis of Spatial Data Using a Unifying...
summaryObtain summary of parameter estimates for a spatial fusion...
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