Man pages for spatialreg
Spatial Regression Analysis

do_ldetSpatial regression model Jacobian computations
eigenwSpatial weights matrix eigenvalues
GMerrorsarSpatial simultaneous autoregressive error model estimation by...
gstslsSpatial simultaneous autoregressive SAC model estimation by...
impactsImpacts in spatial lag models
lagmessMatrix exponential spatial lag model
lextrBFind extreme eigenvalues of binary symmetric spatial weights
MCMCsampMCMC sample from fitted spatial regression
MEMoran eigenvector GLM filtering
ML_modelsSpatial simultaneous autoregressive model estimation by...
predict.sarlmPrediction for spatial simultaneous autoregressive linear...
sarlm_testsLikelihood ratio test
SET_MCMCBayesian MCMC spatial simultaneous autoregressive model...
set.mcOptionOptions for parallel support
set.spChkOptionControl checking of spatial object IDs
similar.listwCreate symmetric similar weights lists
SLXSpatial Durbin linear (SLX, spatially lagged X) model
sparse_matSpatial neighbour sparse representation
SpatialFilteringSemi-parametric spatial filtering
spautolmSpatial conditional and simultaneous autoregression model...
stslsGeneralized spatial two stage least squares
trWSpatial weights matrix powers traces
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