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Datasets for 'spatstat'

amacrineHughes' Amacrine Cell Data
anemonesBeadlet Anemones Data
antsHarkness-Isham ants' nests data
austatesAustralian States and Mainland Territories
bdspotsBreakdown Spots in Microelectronic Materials
beiTropical rain forest trees
betacellsBeta Ganglion Cells in Cat Retina
bramblecanesHutchings' Bramble Canes data
bronzefilterBronze gradient filter data
cellsBiological Cells Point Pattern
cetaceansPoint patterns of whale and dolphin sightings.
chicagoChicago Crime Data
chorleyChorley-Ribble Cancer Data
clmfiresCastilla-La Mancha Forest Fires
copperBerman-Huntington points and lines data
copyExampleFilesCopy Data Files for Example
demohyperDemonstration Example of Hyperframe of Spatial Data
demopatArtificial Data Point Pattern
dendriteDendritic Spines Data
finpinesPine saplings in Finland.
fluInfluenza Virus Proteins
gangliaBeta Ganglion Cells in Cat Retina, Old Version
gordonPeople in Gordon Square
gorillasGorilla Nesting Sites
hamsterAherne's hamster tumour data
heatherDiggle's Heather Data
humbersideHumberside Data on Childhood Leukaemia and Lymphoma
hyytialaScots pines and other trees at Hyytiala
japanesepinesJapanese Pines Point Pattern
KovesiColour Sequences with Uniform Perceptual Contrast
lansingLansing Woods Point Pattern
letterRWindow in Shape of Letter R
longleafLongleaf Pines Point Pattern
mucosaCells in Gastric Mucosa
murchisonMurchison gold deposits
nbfiresPoint Patterns of New Brunswick Forest Fires
nztreesNew Zealand Trees Point Pattern
osteoOsteocyte Lacunae Data: Replicated Three-Dimensional Point...
paracouKimboto trees at Paracou, French Guiana
ponderosaPonderosa Pine Tree Point Pattern
pyramidalPyramidal Neurons in Cingulate Cortex
redwoodCalifornia Redwoods Point Pattern (Ripley's Subset)
redwoodfullCalifornia Redwoods Point Pattern (Entire Dataset)
residualspaperData and Code From JRSS Discussion Paper on Residuals
shapleyGalaxies in the Shapley Supercluster
simbaSimulated data from a two-group experiment with replication...
simdatSimulated Point Pattern
simplenetSimple Example of Linear Network Package
spidersSpider Webs on Mortar Lines of a Brick Wall
sporophoresSporophores Data
sprucesSpruces Point Pattern
swedishpinesSwedish Pines Point Pattern
urkiolaUrkiola Woods Point Pattern
vesiclesVesicles Data
wakaTrees in Waka national park
waterstridersWaterstriders data. Three independent replications of a... documentation built on Oct. 4, 2018, 9:03 a.m.