Man pages for spatstat.sparse
Sparse Three-Dimensional Arrays and Linear Algebra Utilities

aperm.sparse3DarrayTransposition of Sparse Array
as.array.sparse3DarrayConvert Sparse Array to Full Array
as.sparse3DarrayConvert Data to a Sparse Three-Dimensional Array
bind.sparse3DarrayCombine Three-Dimensional Sparse Arrays
Extract.sparse3DarrayExtract or Replace Entries in a Sparse Array
gridadjacencymatrixCreate Adjacency Matrix for Spatial Grid
marginSumsSparseMargin Sums of a Sparse Matrix or Sparse Array
Math.sparse3DarrayS3 Group Generic Methods for Sparse Three-Dimensional Arrays
matrixpowerPower of a Matrix
methods.sparse3DarrayMethods for Sparse Three-Dimensional Arrays
sparse3DarrayCreate a Sparse Three-Dimensional Array
spatstat.sparse-internalInternal Functions of spatstat.sparse Package
spatstat.sparse-packageThe spatstat.sparse Package
sumouterCompute Quadratic Forms
tensorSparseTensor Product of Sparse Vectors, Matrices or Arrays
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