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An R package for spatially correlated parametric proportional hazards survial analysis.




An object of class logical of length 1.


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sectionDependencies The package spatsurv depends upon some other important contributions to CRAN in order to operate; their uses here are indicated:

survival, sp, spatstat, raster, iterators, RandomFields, fields, rgl, Matrix, stringr, RColorBrewer, geostatsp, rgeos.

sectionCitation To cite use of spatsurv, the user may refer to the following work:

Benjamin M. Taylor and Barry S. Rowlingson (2017).
spatsurv: An R Package for Bayesian Inference with Spatial Survival Models.
Journal of Statistical Software, 77(4), 1-32, doi:10.18637/jss.v077.i04.

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Benjamin Taylor, Health and Medicine, Lancaster University, Barry Rowlingson, Health and Medicine, Lancaster University

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