Man pages for spec
A Data Specification Format and Interface

as.specCoerce to Spec
as.spec.characterCoerce to Specification from Character to Spec from Data Frame
as.vector.specCoerce to Vector from Spec.
codes.specExtract Codes from Specification
decodes.specExtract Decodes from Specification
drugSimulated Pharmacometric Data
encoded.specChecks whether a Specification is Encoded
grapes-matches-grapesCheck Whether x and y Match
grapes-matches-grapes-.characterCheck Whether Character matches y Whether Data Frame matches Spec
grapes-matches-grapes-.specCheck Whether Spec matches Dataset
guidetextExtract Text from Guide
guidetext.specExtract Text from Guide Column of Specification
labels.specExtract Labels from Specification
print.specPrint Spec
read.specRead Specification from File
respecifyRespecify Something
respecify.characterRespecify Character
respecify.specRespecify Specification
specificationMake a Specification
specification.commentMake a Specification for a Comment a Specification for a Data Frame
specification.defaultMake a Specification by Default
specifySpecify Something
specify.characterSpecify Character Data Frame
write.specWrite Specification to Storage
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