Man pages for spectrolab
Class and Methods for Hyperspectral Data

aggregate.spectraAggregate spectra
apply_by_bandApply numeric function by band spectra to data.frame
as.matrix.spectraConvert spectra to matrix
as.spectraConvert matrix or data frame to spectra data.frame to spectra
as.spectra.matrixConvert matrix to spectra
combineCombine spectral datasets
default_spec_regionsReturn default spectral regions matrix
dim.spectraGet dimension of spectra
has_nir_dipHas a dip in the NIR region?
i_find_sensor_overlap_boundsFind sensor overlap bounds
i_index_pairwise_combnPairwise index combinations
i_is_increasingIs increasing
i_is_indexCompatible with being an index?
i_is_wholeIs whole number?
i_match_ij_spectraGet internal indexes for spectra attributes
i_match_labelMatch label
i_match_label_or_idxMatch label or index
i_mavMoving Average
i_metaInternal metadata constructor for spectra
i_namesInternal constructor for sample names
i_plot_boundariesFind plot boundaries in user space
i_plot_existsTests if a plot device exists
i_read_ascii_spectraInternal parser for ASCII format
i_read_asd_spectraParser for ASD's '.asd'
i_reflectanceInternal constructor for reflectance matrix
i_remove_duplicated_wavelengthRemove duplicated wavelength
i_smooth_mav_spectraSmooth moving average for spectra
i_smooth_spline_spectraSmooth spline functions for spectra
is_spectraIs it a spectra object?
i_trim_sensor_overlapTrim sensor overlap
i_wavelengthsInternal wavelength constructor for spectra
match_sensorsMatch spectra at sensor transitions
max.spectraMaximum reflectance
mean.spectraMean spectrum
median.spectraMedian spectrum
metaGet metadata
meta-setSet metadata
min.spectraMinimum reflectance
names-set-.spectraSet spectra sample names
names.spectraGet spectra sample names
normalizeVector normalize spectra
Ops.spectraArithmetic operators for spectra
plot_interactivePlot spectra interactively
plot_quantilePlot spectra quantiles
plot_regionsPlot polygons for spectral regions
plot.spectraPlot spectra
print.spectraPrint spectra
quantile.spectraCompute spectra quantiles
range.spectraRange of reflectance values
ratioPairwise reflectance ratios
read_spectraRead files from various formats into 'spectra'
reflectanceGet spectra reflectance
reflectance-setSet spectra reflectance
resampleResample spectra
sdStandard deviation
sd.defaultDefault variance
sd.spectraStandard deviation spectrum
smoothGeneric Smoothing function
smooth.defaultDefault smoothing function
smooth.spectraSmooth spectra
spec_matrix_exampleExample spectral dataset
spectraSpectra object constructor
spec_with_jumpExample spectra with jump between sensors
split.spectraSplit spectra
str.spectraStructure of the spectra object
subset_bySubset spectra by factor
subset-.spectraAssign reflectance values to spectra
sub-.spectraSubset spectra
summary.spectraSummarize spectra
try_keep_txtWrap function to try to keep text
t.spectraSpectra Transpose
var.spectraVariance spectrum
wavelengthsGet spectra wavelength labels
wavelengths-setSet wavelength labels
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