Man pages for spherepc
Spherical Principal Curves

Cal.reconCalculating reconstruction error
CrossprodCrossproduct of vectors
Dist.ptThe number of distinct points.
ExpmapExponential map
ExtrinsicMeanFinding Extrinsic Mean
GenerateCircleGenerating circle on sphere
IntrinsicMeanFinding Intrinsic Mean
Kernel.GaussianGaussian kernel function
Kernel.indicatorIndicator kernel function
Kernel.quarticQuartic kernel function
LogmapLogarithm map
LPGLocal principal geodesics
PGAPrincipal geodesic analysis
PrincipalCirclePrincipal circle on a sphere
Proj.HaubergProjecting the nearest point
RotateRotating point on a sphere
Rotate.invRotating point on a sphere
SPCSpherical principal curves
SPC.Haubergprincipal curves by Hauberg on a sphere
Trans.EuclidTransforming into Euclidean coordinate
Trans.sphTransforming into spherical coordinate
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