Man pages for spinebil
Investigating New Projection Pursuit Index Functions

basisMatrixGenerate 2-d basis in directions i, j in n dimensions (i,j <=...
basis_nearbyGenerate nearby bases, e.g. for simulated annealing.
basisVectorGenerate basis vector in direction i in n dimensions (i <= n)
compareSmoothingCompare traces with different smoothing options.
distanceDistCollecting all pairwise distances between input planes.
distanceToSpCollecting distances between input planes and input special...
geodesic_infoCalculate information required to interpolate along a...
getIndexMeanEvaluate mean index value over n jittered views.
getTraceTracing the index over an interpolated planned tour path.
jitterAngleRe-evaluate index after jittering the projection by an angle...
jitterPointsRe-evaluate index after jittering all points by an amount...
pipePipe operator
pipeDataGenerating a sample of points on a pipe
plotRotationPlot rotation traces of indexes obtained with...
plotSmoothingComparisonPlot the comparison of smoothing methods.
plotTracePlot traces of indexes obtained with 'getTrace'.
profileRotationTest rotation invariance of index functions for selected 2-d...
scagIndexMatching index functions to the required format.
sinDataGenerating sine wave sample
spiralDataGenerating spiral sample
squintAngleEstimateEstimating squint angle of 2-d structure in high-d dataset...
step_fractionStep along an interpolated path by fraction of path length.
timeSequenceTime each index evaluation for projections in the tour path.
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