Man pages for splancs
Spatial and Space-Time Point Pattern Analysis

addpointsAdd points interactively to a point data set
amacrinesAmacrines on/off data set
areaplCalculate area of polygon
as.pointsCreates data in spatial point format
bboxGenerate a non-closed bounding polygon
bodminBodmin Moors granite tors
burkittBurkitt's lymphoma in Uganda
cardiffLocations of homes of juvenile offenders
csrGenerate completely spatially random points on a polygon
delpointsSelect points to delete from a points data set
dsquareDistance-squared from a number of points to a number of...
FhatF nearest neighbour distribution function
FzeroTheoretical nearest neighbour distribution function
gengenerate points in polygon
getpolyDraw a polygon on the current graphics device
GhatG nearest neighbour distribution function
gridptsGenerate a grid of points
inoutTest points for inclusion in a polygon
inpipSelect points inside a polygon
is.pointsPoint Objects
k12hatBivariate K-function
Kenv.csrEnvelope of Khat from simulations of complete spatial...
Kenv.labelEnvelope of K1hat-K2hat from random labelling of two point...
Kenv.pcpCalculate simulation envelope for a Poisson Cluster Process
Kenv.torEnvelope of K12hat from random toroidal shifts of two point...
Kenv.tor1Modified envelope of K12hat from random toroidal shifts of...
kernel2dKernel smoothing of a point pattern
kernel3dSpace-time kernel
kernratRatio of two kernel smoothings
kerviewA linked-window system for browsing space-time data
khvcCovariance matrix for the difference between two K-functions
khvmatCovariance matrix for the difference between two K-functions
mpointOverlay a number of point patterns
mse2dMean Square Error for a Kernel Smoothing
n2distNearest neighbours for two point patterns
nndistFNearest neighbour distances as used by Fhat()
nndistGNearest neighbour distances as used by Ghat()
nptsNumber of points in data set
okblackOklahoma black offenders
okwhiteOklahoma white offenders
pcpFit a Poisson cluster process
pcp.simGenerate a Poisson Cluster Process
pdenseOverall density for a point pattern
pipPoints inside or outside a polygon
pltbins nearest neighbour distances
print.ribfitDisplay the fit from tribble()
ranptsadjust number of random points in polygon
rlabelRandomly label two or more point sets
rtor.shiftRandom toroidal shift on a point data set
sboxGenerate a box surrounding a point object
secalStandard errors for the difference between two K-functions
shiftShift a point data set
southlancsCancer cases in Chorley-Ribble
splancsReturn version number and author information
spointsPoint Objects
stdiagnSummary plots for clustering analysis
stkhatSpace-time K-functions
stmctestMonte-Carlo test of space-time clustering
stsecalStandard error for space-time clustering
stvmatVariance matrix for space-time clustering
thinRandomly thin a point data set
tor.shiftToroidal shift on a point data set
tribbleDiggle-Rowlingson Raised Incidence Model
triblikLog-likelihood for the Diggle-Rowlingson raised incidence...
ugandaCraters in Uganda
zoomInteractively specify a region of a plot for expansion
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