Man pages for splashr
Tools to Work with the 'Splash' 'JavaScript' Rendering and Scraping Service

as_data_frame.harentryTurns a "HAR"-like object into a data frame(tibble)
as_harTurn a generic Splash HAR response into a HAR object
as_httr_reqCreate an httr verb request function from an HAR request
as_responseReturn a HAR entry response as an httr::response object
execute_luaExecute a custom rendering script and return a result.
get_content_sizeRetrieve size of content | body | headers
get_content_typeRetrieve or test content type of a HAR request object
get_har_entryRetrieve an entry by index from a HAR object
get_headersRetrieve response headers as a data frame
get_header_valRetrieve the value of a specific response header
get_request_typeRetrieve or test request type
get_request_urlRetrieve request URL
get_response_bodyRetrieve the body content of a HAR entry
get_response_urlRetrieve response URL
har_entriesRetrieve just the HAR entries from a splashr request
har_entry_countRetrieves number of HAR entries in a response
install_splashRetrieve the Docker image for Splash
json_fromb64Convert a Base64 encoded string into an R object
killall_splashPrune all dead and running Splash Docker containers
print.splashrPrint for splashr
render_harReturn information about Splash interaction with a website in...
render_htmlReturn the HTML of the javascript-rendered page.
render_jpegReturn a image (in JPEG format) of the javascript-rendered...
render_jsonReturn a json-encoded dictionary with information about...
render_pngReturn an image (in PNG format) of the javascript-rendered...
splashConfigure parameters for connecting to a Splash server
splash_activeTest if a Splash server is up
splash_add_luaAdd raw lua code into DSL call chain
splash_clickTrigger mouse click event in web page.
splash_debugRetrieve debug-level info for a Splash server
splash_enable_javascriptEnable or disable execution of JavaSript code embedded in the...
splash_focusFocus on a document element provided by a CSS selector
splash_goGo to an URL.
splash_harReturn information about Splash interaction with a website in...
splash_har_resetDrops all internally stored HAR records.
splash_historyGet information about requests/responses for the pages loaded
splash_htmlReturn a HTML snapshot of a current page.
splash_imagesEnable/disable images
splash_perf_statsGet Splash performance-related statistics
splash_pluginsEnable or disable browser plugins (e.g. Flash).
splash_pngReturn a screenshot of a current page in PNG format.
splash_pressTrigger mouse press event in web page.
splash_private_modeEnable or disable execution of JavaSript code embedded in the...
splashrTools to Work with the 'Splash' JavaScript Rendering Service
splash_releaseTrigger mouse release event in web page.
splash_response_bodyEnable or disable response content tracking.
splashr-exportssplashr exported operators
splash_send_keysSend keyboard events to page context.
splash_send_textSend text as input to page context, literally, character by...
splash_user_agentOverwrite the User-Agent header for all further requests.
splash_versionGet Splash version information
splash_waitWait for a period time
start_splashStart a Splash server Docker container
stop_splashStop a running a Splash server Docker container
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