Man pages for splitstackshape
Stack and Reshape Datasets After Splitting Concatenated Values

charMatCreate a Binary Matrix from a List of Character Values
concat.splitSplit Concatenated Cells in a Dataset
concat.split.compactSplit Concatenated Cells into a Condensed Format
concat.split.expandedSplit Concatenated Values into their Corresponding Column...
concat.split.listSplit Concatenated Cells into a List Format
concat.split.multipleSplit Concatenated Cells and Optionally Reshape the Output
concat.testExample Dataset with Concatenated Cells
cSplitSplit Concatenated Values into Separate Values
expandRowsExpand the Rows of a Dataset
FacsToCharsConvert All Factor Columns to Character Columns
getanIDAdd an "id" Variable to a Dataset
listCol_lUnlist a Column Stored as a List
listCol_wFlatten a Column Stored as a List
merged.stackTake a List of Stacked data.tables and Merge Them
NamesDataset Names as a Character Vector, Always
NoSepSplit Basic Alphanumeric Strings Which Have No Separators
numMatCreate a Numeric Matrix from a List of Values
othernamesExtract All Names From a Dataset Other Than the Ones Listed
read.concatRead Concatenated Character Vectors Into a data.frame
ReshapeReshape Wide Data Into a Semi-long Form
StackedStack Columns from a Wide Form to a Long Form
stratifiedTake a Stratified Sample From a Dataset
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